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Imo Attacks: The real worry should be that people don’t care

by OtownGist

Opinion Article by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

In an ideal nation, Imolites are supposed to be shivering because hoodlums who can breach state police headquarter now live within them.

They should be scared that about 1800 convicted criminals have been released into society. Why are they not worried when 500 cases of Covid-19 in a day could force a lockdown in the state, but in this case, the last paragraph of the statement of the governor is blaming other politicians. As usual.

I didn’t see him advise Imolites to be vigilant – I know no one will be for any reason because we are used to having criminals live among us in the government houses, security agencies, civil service, street, churches, markets, and just everywhere.

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Some will believe that the ones released will not even be as bad as the ones who have been out here. Why are we not worried?

Why is it that our president and governors are always proud to say that hoodlums have sophisticated weapons – does that mean that only sophisticated cars and bank accounts are in their (government) wishlist?


The truth remains that as long as no one cares about cleaning the image of the police with thorough good deeds. As long as EFCC and their relatives keep monitoring our account, but are driving flashy cars their salaries cannot afford. As long as these agencies have no one genuinely watching them, Nigerians will never trust them and people will keep popping bottles of beer any time there is an attack on them or their facilities. Isn’t this sad – yes the sad reality.

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Read my lines again. I have never been a fan of these attacks but as long as the right thing is what pleases the master and not the people, no one will really care about these things. They will happen and we will go out the following day, buy garri for lunch, while the drinkers will have a good conversation on it over a cold beer in the numerous bars in Owerri.

Police reform is yet to commence in Nigeria. Can we get to when people will genuinely protest because police officers are being attacked?

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They won’t, I am sorry to say that – “enjoy the bail and roger money” “have a taste of the intimidation and brutality you give us” – a lot will be said because nothing hurts like paying bail money for someone whom both angels and the devil knows is innocent. “I no follow na 10k”

But then there are good men in the force. Very responsive and responsible ones, but sadly and sadly again their deeds are being dragged to the gutters every day by those on the road. How about good men in the government house? Maybe the cleaner should win that prize.

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As the security situation in Nigeria is deteriorating; as we go on fingering groups; playing the blame games instead of solving the root cause of the problems.

A country where hoodlums in unknown locations still have meetings with civilians in known locations. I don’t know if it is because I saw a lot of Hollywood movies, but I think security operatives in Nigeria like the easy job – if they are compromised, let them say it and find a way to flush out the bad eggs.

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But we all should have in mind that banks, schools, homes of politicians, government houses, etc have just a few police officers and if a group can take the police headquarter of a state, they will drop the rest as a cube of sugar into their hot coffee.

“one day the rivers will overflow and there will be nowhere else for us to go, and we will run, run, wishing we had put out the fire – there is fire on the mountain” – Fire on the mountain by Asa.


Chinedu Hardy Nwadike is a blogger and media strategist. He writes from Owerri, Imo State.


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