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Why I Changed from DJ Lil Saint to DJ MavKing

by OtownGist

Disk Jockey Emeberi Uchechukwu Kingsley aka DJ MavKing has revealed that his newfound name will make him unique and also ensure he is perceived as a king figure in the industry.

Formerly known as DJ LilSaint, the Disk Jockey told OtownGist that he wanted a unique name and also believes that he has done so much that people are not seeing.


“People should see what I am doing. I don’t want people to struggle to find me on the internet especially”, he said.

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“Uniqueness is the major reason here and besides that, I also believe that this new name will mean a new chapter in my career as I plan to launch the MavKing brand to the world”

On the king figure factor, DJ MavKing said he wants to dominate in a way that when he roars, the world will know.

“I want to make people happy and that will be my roar. I want all the uniqueness I’ll be unveiling to be my signature, but right now, I want everyone to know that Dj LilSaint is gone in an era, I am now DJ MavKing and everything should remain like that”

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The change of name also took effect on all his social media platforms as they are now @djmavking.

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