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Pokism Vs W.O.R.M.S: Yung Roc Replies Dj Saquo, Kasablanka, Case, Iejay, Endtime PA

by OtownGist

DJ Saquo’s hopes of starting a new year ‘beef cycle’ might not have reached the peak he expected until Yung Roc made a move to take him and his minions to the cleaners.

Featuring Case, Iejay, and Endtime P.A, DJ Saquo called out rappers like Acharaman, 2Bac, Uc Flamez, and others, with his minions (featured artistes) doing the dirty work for him.


So far neither Acharaman, 2Bac nor Uc Flamez has replied DJ Saquo in what could have become a New Year beef galore, instead Yung Roc did the job for them in a clinical way.

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In response to the track, DJ Saquo said, “Anyways let me face front but you know worms have drugs
And What happens when you take worm medicine?
The worms die and that’s the end
Porkism 2.0 Loading….”

Who at the Pork?

Dj Saquo was surely trying to be inventive when he chose pork instead of the normal beef known by many.

On the track, DJ Saquo took a swipe on Hardy, CEO of www.otowngist.com, mocking his hairstyle that hairs never grow on his head. He also called out Yung Roc, saying that his name is for baby rocks. “Rock wey never fall finish na em dem de call Yung Roc”

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‘Flamez Cold’ dig was aimed at one of the best rappers coming out of Imo State, Uc Flamez, while fellow rappers Acharaman and 2Black got their shares from the other featured artistes.

“you act like a saviour but needs intervention” was aimed at Acharaman while 2Blac was told to slim down because he is too fat. “2Blac you’re too fat needs to slim down”

Why are Acharaman, 2Blac, and UC Flamez quite?

This is what you’ll never know, people now pick their fights carefully, especially in music.

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The trio is yet to make a single comment anywhere on social media about the song.

Although the three of them were mentioned, we feel Acharaman will be hurt most by the track and he is also the reason most artistes are not talking about the track.

Acharaman controls a huge amount of loyalty amongst artistes in the state and so it will be very difficult for most artistes to respond to tracks like ‘Pokism’ knowing that no matter what you do, he will always remain the prime target.

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UC Flamez might eat them like a dragon, but he hasn’t said a thing, same with 2Blac who is in most cases revered as the Punchline King of the state.

Yung Roc to the rescue

W.O.R.M.S brings the fun back. Nothing pleases hip-hop lovers more than a well-composed diss track and that is what Yung Rock has delivered on this track.

As smart as he could be, he refused to mention Case, Iejay, and Endtime P.A on the track, only referring to them as ‘boys’. He preferred to code their names and that was all they could get.

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“DJ Saquo take these boys off the street”, he said, saying that DJ Saquo is making the ‘boys’ insult their elders who have gone to hell and come back.

What’s in for Case, Iejay, and Endtime P.A?

This is a good ride for the young rappers no matter how you see it. They deserve all they credit they are getting, having come a long way to prove their capacity as great rappers.

Being caught up in the middle of the entire controversy is a good thing for them and while it might come with lots of scrutiny, it will also make them to look at how good they are and how better they can become.

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The trio will find a way to pick up from this point to launch their career, knowing that much is expected of them.

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