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Owerri Methodist Bishop Delivers Christmas Message Of Light

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The Methodist Bishop of Diocese of Owerri, Rt. Rev. DenisOkechukwu Mark has called on Christians around the world to use the birth ofJesus to introduce virtues that will make the world a better place in theirtime.

Speaking to www.otowngist.com in Owerri, Imo State, Bishop Mark said that the birth of Jesus Christ brought light into a world full of darkness, adding that the world we live in today is full of wickedness, sin, atrocities, ritual killings, fraud and embezzlement.

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“With the coming of Jesus Christ, light came into theworld and men that were filled with a lot of atrocities encountered this salvationand it brought hope into their lives, their sins were forgiven”

Bishop Mark said that Christmas is the celebration oflight which in life in Jesus Christ,

“Jesus brought love and the love we are talking about isagape love; sacrificial love. Jesus gave out his life at the cross of Calvaryfor the redemption of man”

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“We are celebrating the rescue of the world from thehands of Satan” he added.


Reading from the book of Isaiah 9: 1- 3, Bishop Marktagged his speech message of Hope, light, love, salvation, humility andrighteousness, adding that Christmas exemplifies humility as it shows Godtaking human form to come to earth.

Speaking further, he said that Christmas is not the timeto show off one’s wealth, saying that those who do so should come back to God.

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“Those who live that way do not know the essence ofChristmas and my message to them is to embrace the life of the person we arecelebrating, so that everything about their lives will begin to change for thebetter”

With new strains of Covid-19 being discovered around theworld with a looming second lock down in Nigeria, Bishop Mark said that thebest thing is for everyone to come back to God because science and technologyhave not been able to give us hope.

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“My message is let all of us return to God; accept thisJesus God has given to us as a gift because we don’t know from the human pointof view where what is happening now will lead us, but if our lives are patternedaccording to the standards of the scriptures, whatever comes out of it, we willknow that we are at the winning side, let all of us rededicate our lives toGod, knowing that only Him has a solution to what we are going through today”he said.

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Rt. Rev. Denis Okechukwu Mark said that by the grace ofGod, 2021 will be a great year, and one where everything will turn around.

“2021 by the grace of God shall be a year of turning around, spiritually first because the bible said in the book of Matthew 6:33, seek ye the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added onto you. So God first, by having total turning around, positively onto the things of God, and every other blessings will  definitely follow”.

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