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Buchi George on Asia Africa Economic & Investment Forum and strength of Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George has revealed that the broad nature of the Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry board, has been the strength behind their ability to organize events across all continents of the world.

Eastern Emirates Suits Event Center

Speaking in Abuja, Nigeria as the organization rolls out plans for Asia Africa Economic & Investment Forum said being present in all the continents of the world makes it easier for them to achieve their set goals.

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Siting the event as one of the plans of the organization for 2021, Hon. Buchi George said having a wonderful team is often the untold part of every success story.

He hailed the board members from around the world for everything they have been put into the organization, adding that they make things easier.

“We have an amazing team around the world. Wonderful people who have dedicated their time to building a better world through development, trade, and investment”

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“With a pragmatic board and team members, you can get things going easily. We look forward to achieving a whole lot in 2021 and that will be via momentum we have set in place at the moment”

Talking about Asia Africa Economic & Investment Forum, Hon. Buchi George said the event has been scheduled to kick off in Tokyo Japan, from June 5 to 10, 2021.

“The goal has always been to connect continents through development, trade, and investment. After Tokyo, we will be moving to other countries in the continent”

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“We understand that Africa needs to be involved globally when it comes to trade and investment. Africa needs to play alongside big players and Africa needs to be portrayed as a genuine contributor to the global trade and not as ordinary receivers”


“We are not alone in this and we also understand that one tree cannot make a forest, but if the seeds are planted some distance apart, we’re sure to have our forest in no distant time”, he said, added that they have made plans to manage the ripple effects of all the intercontinental fora they are organizing.

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With headquarters in Abuja Nigeria, and branches in more than 20 countries of Africa, Europe, and Asia,
The Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established for the promotion and development of both local and international trade. The organization designs strategies that will build trade and investment bridges to connect countries and continents in mutually beneficial trade and investment agreements.

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