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Never bet against me – Trump to ‘haters’

by OtownGist

President Trump has given an interview to the Washington Examiner detailing his plans to challenge Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump has made numerous unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud – which election officials have rejected outright – and he told the paper’s chief political correspondent Byron York he thinks states will find more votes for him, which will overturn the result.


“I think we’re going to win in Georgia,” he said, where Biden is ahead by more than 14,000 and where a recount is underway. Trump claimed that officials in Michigan and Pennsylvania “wouldn’t let our poll watchers and observers watch or observe” and also questioned the result in Arizona. “If we can do an audit [of votes], we’ll be in good shape there.”

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Asked how quickly he could prove these claims and overturn the results, the president said “probably, two weeks, three weeks”, before ending the interview: “Never bet against me.”

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