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Is God a SINNER in Nigeria?

by OtownGist
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I just hate religious arguments because we don’t do it well in Nigeria, especially my Christian folks.

Sin is simply something bad committed by someone else and if it ever favours us, we call it grace and connection.

I see people who prayed in the morning, tapping into the blessings of a thief in the evening, hoping that God will bless them like a thief.

God gives thieves the grace to go and succeed in Nigeria. The same God of Efe, Miracle and maybe Laycon or Ọzọ as the case maybe. A pastor says a show is evil but his members are praying for a housemate to win, even some of his colleagues are leading the prayers.

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He is God of sinners; God of everyone, but not a SINNER.

Fast word to politics; we know our politicians to be serious members of the sinners assembly and in Edo state for instance, we also know how the two major candidates have jumped ships and how their machineries are working hard to rig the election, yet we attribute these things to God.


God made INEC declare Hon. Emeka Ihedioha winner of an election even though he did not meet up constitutionally. God also ordained the supreme Court judgement that favoured Sen. Hope Uzodimma and the same God brought Gulak to stop Governor Rochas Okorocha.

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Someone will justify these things by sayings HE SEES AND KNOWS ALL. If it is so, then we have nothing to fight for? It means God wants us to commit every sin he is punishing us for.

God is not a SINNER.

God will make Obasike’s rigging surpass that of Pastor Ize-Iyamu so that PDP will win and put the devil (APC) to shame.

Which God rigs election, Tụfịakwa… It will never be the same I worship. Thank God, God does not get angry easily or maybe He is really angry with us in Nigeria and that’s why this country is like this.

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Sometimes I wonder if the Nigerian God is the same with God in other countries.

In Nigeria, someone passes exams with expo, they thank God. Someone sleeps with the boss or recruiter to get a job, they thank God. Yahoo boy dupes his Maga, they thanks God and the worst is a politician who used blackmail and bribery to get his party ticked says his mandate is ordained by God.

God punish you there.

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So I want to beg anyone reading this… Please don’t give glory to God for whosoever wins EDO election or even BBNaija, the glory is for the devil. Maybe if the devil start receiving all the thanks and praises he deserves for all he has been doing in this country, just maybe, he might become nice out of happiness 😂 😂 😂

My God is not a SINNER, and cannot be an author of sinning strategies.

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There’s nothing God about the politics we play in this county. The more we Thank God for rigging and all atrocities in this country, they more their roots grow down into our hearts. God becomes very angry and uses the devil to punish us.

The god we’ve been serving is a SINNER and also the god of sinners, but the real God, who made heaven and earth and Father of Jesus Christ is not a SINNER.

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Think again before you say God did it… and don’t get the poor devil angry and jealous unnecessarily.

Remain Blessed

This post is curled from a personal blog by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike (@hardynwa)


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