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Why Nigerian Ladies Love To Be Broke And Jobless

by OtownGist

Someone is already fuming on how spit their dragon fire in the comment section, that’s okay, I’ve got my shield ready.

Those in creative arts have not really done Nigerian ladies well; they have made the good ones to be those jobless, poor, badly but decently dressed girls with ‘scripted’ good character and this has really encourage some of them to put up just little upgrades to maintain this status.

Nigerian men on the other hand read the Bible very well and their favourite verse is “the gift of a man maketh way for him” (Prov. 18:16).

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Men love needy ladies, because when you give, you’ll be given (e nye ihe, e nye ihe) and as much we hate this truth, most men run from ladies who have enough and subsequently most women hate to have enough because there has to be a place for the men to plug in.

When a lady gets a job, she starts hearing things like “What are you doing with your money?”, she starts wondering why men cannot understand that she needs more money and men don’t understand that too… That’s what men refer to as greed in women. So unfair right?.

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Some men also feel that a woman they provide for 100% will not do anything without them, and that is the definition of layalty to them.


While one man’s food is poison to another, there are still people who desire poison. Some ladies need a provider/helper and that is security for them.

Ask yourself, who is getting married every Saturday? The rich girls or their neighbours? I mean no disrespect but since 1845 most men have been looking for that socket of poverty inspired humility to plug into.

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Although this narrative is changing, but enough has to be done to inspire more women into understanding that being loyal to those providing for them isn’t true loyalty. It is simply patience to keep receiving.

She needs to see that rich girls can be good girls and even with all the riches in this world, a woman can still be tender, homely, lovely and amazing.

Don’t be poor, because every prince in Nollywood married the poor girl or because Cinderella, a poor girl also married a prince.

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Make your money, work hard and be as ambitious as you can be, nothing is wrong with that.

Men should also stop enabling poverty in ladies by not being afraid of the rich ladies. Every woman is human irrespective of what she has and I feel women should rise and deeply chase their dreams, maybe the world is still a mess because just few of them are working hard to complete this broken circle.

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Shout out to those working hard to change this.

By Chinedu Hardy Nwadike


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