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buchi12 Point Agenda Of Nigeria Trade Mission and Business Delegation

by OtownGist

The president of Trade Nigeria and Globe Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George has revealed that his organizations have 12 strategic areas of the economy they are focusing in their Nigeria Trade Mission and Business Delegation to Europe, Asia and America.

Hon. Buchi George said that it is important to have a strategic focus that will create a visible impact in the economy rather than chase everything that is available, while addressing newsmen in Abuja Nigeria,

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The United Nations Ambassador and International business executive said as a country, Nigeria needs to fix those 12 key areas and one thing that can achieve that easily is foreign investments and partnerships.

“We put the energy and power sector first because it drives the other sectors. Nigeria needs a great deal of foreign technological investment in the energy and power sector to fix it and if we get it right, we’ll be on the path of getting the other sectors right”, he said.

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The sectors are listed as follows:

  1. Energy And Power Sector
  2. Education And Technology Sector
  3. Mining, Agro-Commerce And Agriculture
  4. Transportation And Aviation Sector
  5. Housing And Real Estate Sector
  6. Medical And Healthcare Sector
  7. Telecommunication Sector
  8. Construction And Infrastructural Sector
  9. Oil And Gas Sector
  10. Industrialization, Production And Manufacturing  Sector
  11. Banking And Finance Sector
  12. Trade And Commerce Sector
The High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Singapore, His Excellency, Akinremi Alade Bolaji, with Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George, the Executive Director of Trade Nigeria;

On education, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George said the system is due for serious review so that Nigeria can be able to catch up with other nations.

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He said that it is a pity that despite how serious the education system in Nigeria is, it is still not taken seriously outside the shores of the country.

“If we revamp our educational system; infuse technology into it just like other nations, it will be one way for Nigeria to truly become self-reliant.”

“When we have good schools at all levels, it means we will have the best people in all professions who can compete favourably with their counterparts in other parts of the world, and at that point, we can say that we are really part of the Nations shaping the world” Hon. Buchi George said.

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He also revealed that there are perfected plans to kicked all paused Nigeria Trade Mission and Business Delegation, adding that as soon as the Covid-19 influence is taken care of, everything will kick off again.

“Our plans are only on hold but not cancelled. We have events for Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia and we’re even looking into some African countries to see what we can mutually offer each other”

“these events will take Nigeria to the world and for those who are unsure of the opportunities in the country, we take it them and encourage them to invest here for our mutual benefits”, he concluded.

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Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George

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