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Covid-19: Buchi George Calls For Optimism, Precaution

by OtownGist

As cases of Covid-19 keep increasing in Nigeria, trade and business expert Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George has called on Nigerians to take every necessary precaution to be safe.

Hon. Buchi George who spoke in Abuja, Tuesday, said the pandemic has overwhelmed the most sophisticated nations and Nigerians should buckle up for the tough times it has brought.

Speaking to www.otowngist.com, he said that the economic situation around the world is nothing this generation has ever witnessed, adding that it has brought the world in a position where it has to choose between the health of citizens and the economy that keeps them going.

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“Nations are making tough calls amidst surge in cases of Covid-19.  Knowing that they cannot provide for all their citizens, countries are easing lockdown to allow people fend for themselves, but most importantly save jobs and companies that are almost going bankrupt”

“The ban on international flights and public gatherings also meant that certain events as it concerns international trade and investment will no longer hold. It also meant some goods will not be able to cross over to other countries. It is a tough time”, Hon. Buchi Goerge who is the president of Trade Nigeria and Globe Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said.

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Calling for optimism that the phase shall pass, Buchi George hailed all frontline workers who have been facing the virus since the pandemic broke out, also paying special tribute to those who have died from the virus.


The international trade and investment expert then called on Nigerians to take every precautionary measure given by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control NCDC  seriously, adding that irrespective of everyone’s believe, keeping safe from the virus should be their priority.

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“Nigerians should do everything possible to stay safe. The issue of face masks should not be forced on people for instance, we should wear it to be safe”

“The issue of social distancing is looking like a tough phenomena because of our way of life, but we should understand that only those who make it to the finish line can see the light at the end of the tunnel” Buchi George added.

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So far, Nigeria has recorded 29,879 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 12,108 recoveries and 669 deaths.

Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George

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