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Buchi George speaks on plans for post-covid-19 era

by OtownGist

International Trade and Business Executive, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George has likened his rise to prominence to painting on a canvas, saying it takes one stroke at a time to form the full image.

Buchi George who has been at the forefront of some international business and economic summits said that even when the picture of what he wants is incomplete, he is happy with where he is.

“Maybe this will inspire our youths but the life of a hardworking and ambitious person has to be planned and taken one step at a time”, he said.

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He added that the first thing is to have a plan and then following it step by step. “It feel like painting on a canvas; not every picture in the head of an artist are painted, and the same way, not all that are started are finished. Some start, give up and that’s the end, while others who understand that every masterpiece was made by thousands of strokes, follow it gradually”

He recalled when he started his first company in 1999, with FOW Company Limited now registered in Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and 15 other countries.

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“I was still a student when the idea came and I put it down, kicked it off and gradually we are where we are today”


Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George who was speaking on how Nigerian youths especially can bounce back amidst the challenges of Covid-19, said the key thing to starting afresh or from scratch is planning and patience.

“The quick money syndrome has eaten down into the psyche of our youths in a way that people who have 5-year plan for instance look like fools amongst their peers.

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“The truth is the only thing that takes away problems are solutions which means everyone should be busy thinking about the solution for the economic situation around the world”

He stated that youths who want to achieve something great take time to understand their environment and then find a way to help make it better.

While urging the Federal Government to have a sustainable plan that will lift Nigeria out of the Covid-19 lockdown effect, he advised that human capital development will be the easiest way out.

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“Nigeria is a nation of entrepreneurs; almost everyone is into something but sometimes the environment and other infrastructural issues keep knocking them down. I’ll go for a well planned support for SMEs, backed up with clear international relationships that will encourage both imports and exports between Nigeria and these countries”

Sitting as the president of Trade Nigeria, Globe Chamber of Commerce and other companies, Buchi George has shifted interested to 2021 with series of international business, investment and economic summits lined up.

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“Covid-19 dealt us a blow, stopping up to five international events that were nearing kickoff dates and knowing we can’t blame anyone for that, we have shifted plans to 2021, believing that the world will heal by that time”

With Nigeria – Asia Business and Economic Forum scheduled for China, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan put on hold because of Covid-19, there was also Euro – Africa Economic Summit 2020  and Africa – Asia Export Conference 2020 which failed to hold because of the global pandemic.

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But with Canada-Africa Economic Forum scheduled for 2021, Buchi Gorge revealed that through Globe Chamber of Commerce they are shifting focus to 2021.

“We can’t dwell on our loses, so we have to move on in our provision of international business solutions and we expect anyone who wants to succeed to move on with that”, he said.


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