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Demolition of Hotels! Uwazuruike rains abuses on Wike

by OtownGist

Leader of the Biafra Independence Movement –BIM, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has lambasted Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike for demolishing two hotel for contravening the State Government’s Covid-19 directives.

Uwazuruike who described Wike’s action as unbecoming of a governor of a state, said instead of demolishing the hotels, the governor can seal up the properties.

While calling on Nigerians to speak up on the atrocities Wike is committing in Rivers State, Uwazuruike warned that he will be forced to mobilize Nigerians to destroy the governor’s properties, saying Wike cannot try what he did elsewhere.

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He accused Wike of suppressing Rivers people, saying the position that the governor is occupying was made possible by Goodluck Jonathan.

“I want to show my sadness over what Wike is doing in Rivers State. People must speak out, what a nonsense. How can you destroy somebody’s hotel simply because you are a governor, what nonsense is that one. Who are you?

“If somebody offends the law or contravenes the law, why not seal up the place. You destroy someone’s sweat because you are a governor.

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“It is only in Rivers State you can do that nonsense. If you try it elsewhere, come to Imo State and try it.

“Can’t people burn your own properties? How will you feel if you own a hotel and someone destroy it, how will you feel?

“Are you the only governor in Nigeria? What madness is in you. People must speak out. You said all the vehicles you seize you must auction them.

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“Rochas Okorocha wanted to try it with me, when he wanted to destroy my house, saying he wanted to build road. I asked him to try it, let me demolish all his houses including those in his village.

“Wike if you try it, I will send my men to come to Rivers State to destroy all your properties and make the Federal Government declare emergency rule in Rivers State.

“I’m challenging you, Wike try me. I’m Ralph Uwazuruike, ask about me. What nonsense do you think you are doing.

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“Every time COVID-19 COVID-19, do you know the meaning of COVID-19, this thing that is causing you madness, do you know the meaning?

“You look at common citizens. The Federal Government is against you, instead of bringing your people together to wade off, you are scattering them. You don’t know anything. They are just leaving you. Let them contact me I will come and set Rivers State ablaze.

“Ask about me. I will set it ablaze and they put emergency rule in Rivers and remove you.


The position you won last time was because of Goodluck Jonathan. You couldn’t have won as governor if not Jonathan.

Today you are using it to suppress innocent people because you are governor.–


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