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Hope Uzodinma, Emeka Nwajiuba Clash Looms Over Imo APC Apex Leadership

by OtownGist

The All Progressive Congress APC, National Head Office Abuja has given the party in Imo State a marching order to begin “reorganization process” for further political developments in the State.

Sources in Abuja told Trumpeta that the APC hierarchy has directed Leaders of the party in the State to put their houses in order as Imo State is the in calculation of Abuja “if not now, but later”.

However, the problem, the source said, is how to commence the fence-mending mechanism, pointing out that Imo APC as presently constituted is in disarray.

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Trumpeta was told that Imo APC is yet to organize itself as a body, following the implosion that hit the party during the 2019 Imo Governorship election, where the party split into two with one faction headed by Prince Marcon Nlemigbo and the other chaired by Dan Nwafor.


Till now, Trumpeta learnt, Imo APC members are yet to know which of the factions is the authentic one recognized in Abuja, as both factions take upper hands after each court session, thereby leaving Imo APC members confused.

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Therefore, it was under this scenario that Abuja directed Imo APC to fix itself and resolve its squabbles.

However, sources told Trumpeta that more confusion has raised its head as the issue of who is now Imo APC Apex Leader generates more crisis.


Trumpeta was told that to commence the reorganizational process of Imo APC has hit the rocks as Imo APC is yet to arrive on an Apex Leader who would call the shots in bringing other warring factions to one table.

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Trumpeta was told that it would have been easy before now to bring Imo APC together, as it was a general knowledge to all Imo APC members that its Governorship candidate in the 2019 Imo Governorship election Senator Hope Uzodinma was the Apex Leader of the party in Imo.

However, Trumpeta was informed that with the emergence of Hon Emeka Nwajiuba as Minister of the Federal Republic, the towering influence of Senator Hope Uzodinma over Imo APC is said to have been put to question with Nwajiuba’s emergence. Another problem, Trumpeta was told, is the coming of former Governor Rochas Okorocha as a Senator too.

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Therefore, Trumpeta learnt, under the present circumstance, the crack in Imo APC is said to be widening by the day.

While those who have benefited from the magnanimity of Hope Uzodinma in placing them in juicy Federal positions are singing the praises of the Omuma, Oru East born Senator, others presently benefiting from Nwajiuba’s largesse as Minister say the Ehime Mbano born Minister for Education is the Imo APC Apex Leader.

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Trumpeta was told that the Nwajiuba/Uzodinma camps are not comfortable with each other following the story that each camp is dancing a different tune on the way forward for Imo APC.

Trumpeta learnt that while the Hope Uzodinma camp are still optimistic about the hanging Imo Governorship litigation, where they dream of knocking out something positive for their principal and his Governorship ambition, those loyal to Nwajiuba are said to believe that the Imo Governorship battle is won and lost by APC.

Hope Uzodinma’s camp is said to believe that Nwajiuba wants an end to the APC matter because it is alleged that the youthful Minister is interested in the 2023 Imo Governorship Seat and wants to use APC platform.

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And for Hope Uzodinma’s camp, Nwajiuba’s emergence is like a wheel in their plot to corner the entire APC structure for themselves.

Therefore, with the latest situation, the reorganization ordered by APC hierarchy in Abuja for Imo APC still looks a mirage since war of ego still rages between the top Leaders.



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