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Ihedioha runs “yeah-men”, “fuck-up” government – Okorocha

by OtownGist

“Ihedioha’s government has got an unfortunate character. The character of telling petty lies.

Before now, they said Okorocha stole N50billion. Some of them said N200billion. Today the governor said it is N1 trillion. In fact, this is “yeah-men” or “fuck-up government, not serious standard”.

These were the words of Senator Rochas Okorocha in a release he issued through his Special Adviser (Media) Sam Onwuemeodo on Friday and availed Saturday Nigerian Horn.

The release further reads.


“Governor Emeka Ihedioha-led PDP Government in Imo State has sent a letter to the Inspector-General of Police to call the beloved former governor of the State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha to order, because according to them, he was inciting his supporters to cause trouble.

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“Governor Ihedioha was also quoted to have said that his predecessor, Owelle Okorocha “Stole” not N200billion again but N1trillion from the State.

“We want to appeal to the Inspector-General of Police to disregard the letter because it was by all standard, very deceitful and an after-thought. The fact is that Ihedioha and his party have gotten maggot-infected firewoods and by so-doing, have invited Agama Lizard to both breakfast, lunch and dinner.


“This is a government that swore openly to step on the toes of his predecessor, Owelle Okorocha, throwing caution to the wind. The PDP government in the State led by Ihedioha also declared war against Imo people perhaps for rejecting them at the Poll in 2011, 2015 and even 2019 because in 2019, INEC declared them winner with more than half of Ihedioha’s votes coming from only three Local Governments of Aboh Mbaise, Ahiazu Mbaise and Ezinihitte Mbaise where he comes from, out of the 27 LGAs.

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“The first thing they did, twelve hours after their inauguration was to deploy caterpillars to pull down Akachi Towers. They began to destroy and tamper with all that Okorocha built with Imo people’s money including the Flyovers, Tunnels, Waterfalls, Universities vis – a – vis other Institutions, and also resorted to telling petty lies.

“The government also began to attack people and to loot. They attacked the former governor’s daughter Uloma, broke into shops and people’s houses without Court Orders and carried away all that appeared good in their eyes. They would waylay people on the way and took their vehicles.

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“They have set up, as we write, 21 Panels and Committees all aimed at creating undue tension and preparing the ground to dispose people of their legitimate possessions. And to also blackmail. There are also uncountable number of taskforces, beating our people especially motorists on daily basis and forcing them to pay all kinds of Levies and loyalties. What we have in Imo at the moment is an Emperor who loves power and money.

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They failed to tell the IGP in their letter that today, kidnapping, ritual killings, armed robbery, raping, cultism etc have become the orders of the day and totally opposite of what was obtainable for the eight years Okorocha governed the State. No Imo man or woman was harassed or beaten under Okorocha, but today the reverse is entirely the case.

“With all these, Imo people, not Okorocha, are angry. Okorocha only advised the government to exercise caution and appealed to the people to remain calm. And their worry or concern is the mammoth crowd that received Okorocha on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 when he returned to the State with the atmosphere being clement and he was able to address them for hours.

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“Okorocha’s government was pro-people, but the Ihedioha government is pro-elite, pro-godfathers, pro-class, and the masses have decided to continue to file behind the man who appreciated and recognized their existence as human beings created in God’s image. And they cannot beat the reach.

“They had talked about garnishee orders just three weeks into the government. We challenged them to publish the details of the cases that gave birth to the garnishee orders. But they have failed or refused to do that because they know that it was all gimmicks. They wanted to share the billions left for them and one of the easiest ways to “Chop” the billions is through the mysterious garnishee orders. Otherwise, they could go on appeal against such garnishee orders if they exist at all.

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“The government has boxed itself into a very tight corner and should blame nobody because no reasonable government takes the people for granted. “



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