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From Charity Uwakwe, Abia.
The recent victory of Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu of Abia state in the just concluded election has been described as a clear depiction of the opinion of Abians.
Hon. Prince Kingsley. O. Mgbeahuru, (Ohamadike- Osokwa), General Manager, Abia Line Network Company Ltd, stated this Thursday, at his office, in Umuahia, the state’s capital, while congratulating the re-elected Governor of the state.
Mgbeahuru who amidst euphoria, expressed his profound gratitude to God for Ikpeazu’s win, explained that Abians had demonstrated the spirit of a sportsmanship
While describing the election as one centred on fairness, equity and justice, he said I feel great, I feel fulfilled about the re-election of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. We want to thank God for his re-election and we also thank Abians for re-electing him and particularly the people of Osisioma Ngwa for ensuring Ikpeazu’s victory. The governor’s re-election is a reflection of how Abians feel and that’s the most important thing. Abians demonstrate the spirit of Onye Ahala Nwanneya. This is not just because my brother passed but everyone passed in his place. The election was properly done. Ogah passed in Isiukwuao where he comes from,Otti passed in Arochukwu where he comes from whereas Okezie is from Ngwa land and he passed there. That will tell you that the election was a clear depiction of how Abians feel”.
He lauded the Governor for not giving into a feeling of despair in his quest to retain power, insisting that Dr. Ikpeazu would not indulge in the spilling of the blood of anyone soul in his bid for power, saying “because he knows power belongs to God”.
“Ikpeazu has never been desperate for power. It’s only people who are desperate for power that could do anything to acquire power. Okezie is not desperate for power, he knows that power belongs to God and God gives it to anyone he wills”.
“Okezie is the last man that will want the blood of anyone to drop because he wants to be Governor so God heard him. If you watch the video of the day the result was declared, Okezie went to the church and laid down on the altar for more than 20minutes, praising and thanking God. So, he believes in God and it’s only God that can give you power and any power given to any man by God will stand. That is why Osisioma Ngwa stakeholders are solidly behind him. Ikpeazu is one man that doesn’t believe in this nonsense that happens in other states where lives are being wasted because of power”.
Futhermore, he commended the effort of the Governor, who at his first tenure did not hesitate to put at bay criminality upon emergence, as he pointed out without fear or favour that the re-elected Governor had performed more creditably than his predecessors.
“Okezie has reduced crime rate in this state and he has done well. The truth of the matter is that Okezie has done better than his predecessors. During Orji Uzor Kalu’s administration, I was a member of the House of Assembly for 8years, T. A. Orji became the Governor and I was a commissioner for 4 years. So, I’ve gone through the various governments and I must say that Okezie is doing very very well”.
“Another person that did well was T. A. Orji, unlike Orji Uzor Kalu. So, if you look at Ikpeazu’s performances, you’ll know that truly, God’s hands are upon him”, he said, while urging the contenders of the present administration to desist from going to Court rather support the government in the fight to restore the dignity of the state, reiterating that any legal attempt, whatsoever would prove futile as the governor, according to him, has the people’s mandate.
“And I advise that they should not go to Court. It’s a brotherly thing. And why would you want to go to Court? You passed around your place so do you want Okezie to fail in his place? It’s natural, you passed in your place, he passed in his place if you add the total number of votes his opponents had, you’ll see he still win”.


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