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Is Buhari scamming Imolites or just APC

by OtownGist

This is the first time President Buhari will be visiting Imo State in this manner and everyone already understands the body language.

He is coming to tell people to vote APC against voting any candidate of their choice, which he said previously.

Maybe those words were just for presidential election, while the new words he is coming to drop will be for the governorship and state assembly elections.

I think the president is a joker by making this visit and it has now become obvious that a bigger agenda is controlling his actions.

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President Buhari visiting Imo state twice in just few weeks is nice, but to me it is more of a scam because he never did that in four years of his reign. This is the best federal government presence we have ever felt since he became president. Okay, let’s assume he never found a reason to visit.

I feel the president should stay away from Imo politics as it stands… The suspension of Gov. Okorocha from APC might be getting Imolites close to a dear dreams, but it might as well be the beginning of another horror movie. Yes another night
mare, should his pregnant visit deliver a candidate “worse than Okorocha”

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The theory of “a thief for a thief” is the reason we are where we are today and Imolites should resist such presidential romance and vote a proper redeemer, because we are all in this suffering together.


There’s nothing like a good thief.. A thief is a thief.

If you suffer in federal and state at the same time, it means our hell is with us, so I believe this visit should be for APC supporters.

I know that electioneering period lightens our brains, and we often find fun in the painful thrusts of the blacksmith shaping and messing with our already metallic futures… Please receive sense now.

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Imolites vote the best candidate and make it APC if they deserve it.

There are up to 10 ‘serious’ candidates in this Guber race, make the right choice.

If they are coming to scam us, let it be for APC members alone.

Imolites are not fools.

Ndewo nu.


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