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Pollution: EU lawmakers to ban throw-away plastics

by OtownGist

European Union lawmakers moved on Wednesday to ban widely-used, throw-away plastics such as straws, bags and cotton buds, putting the burden on manufacturers to recycle more in an effort to clear up ocean pollution.

Under the proposal, overwhelmingly backed by the European Parliament, some single-used plastic products with readily available alternatives would be banned by 2021.

EU states would be obliged to recycle 90 per cent of plastic bottles by 2025, while producers would help to cover costs of waste management.

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EU lawmakers added very light-weight plastic bags, polystyrene fast-food containers.


The soldiers added products made of oxo-degradable plastics, which critics say do not fully break down, to the list proposed by the EU executive earlier this year.

The EU’s final rules still need to be approved in talks with member states.


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