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Imo Guber: Nwachukwu, Vows To Deliver Araraume

by OtownGist
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Infectious love, the personality of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume is attracting has prompted majority of his followers, like Eric Nwachukwu to drum support for him ahead 2019 election.

This may not be unconnected to the leadership role the Isiebu born politician has exhibited, in his quest to give Imolites the desired governance.

Although Araraume is yet to tell Imolites, whether or not he is still in APC, there have been lots of supports heralding his next move and party destination.

No doubt, the political structures of the two time Senator who represented O kigwe zone is not what any right thinking politician would like to trade away with.

If finally what was reported by Trumpeta about Ifeanyi Araraume leaving APC for APGA comes to pass, it may be a tsunami for APC, judging from the multitude of supporters that have shown willingness to defect with him will defect with him.

In view of the above, a frontline aspirant for Okigwe North Federal constituency, and a vibrant youthful politician, Chief Eric Chijioke Nwachukwu, has threatened to shut down all his political structures for the gubernatorial ambition of Senator Araraume.

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Chief Nwachukwu in statement said, “On Senator Araraume’s mandate I stand. It is no retreat, no surrender”.

In his online post over the weekend, the international business mogul said,

“Senator Ifeanyi Araraume Is My Political Party.

…If he decides to move, I go with him. It is our civic and democratic right”.

“No doubt; I am a graduate of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s political schools. Having attended this institution from 1999, I can confidently tell you that I am a PhD. holder in his political school. He is a man endowed with great wisdom; knows exactly when to speak and when to keep silent. Knows when to engage and when to retreat and re-strategise. He commands strong Political will and Opinion”.

“As an idea whose time has come; hate him or love him, he is one politician who has paid his dues in Imo and Nigerian politics respectively. He is strong and formidable. He belongs to the few Imolites living today who can boast of a formidable political structure across the Political zones of the state. While fate may not have been very fair to him in his recent political sojourn; this man has established himself as a factor in determination of who emerges Imo governor for over a decade and cannot be ignored. Senator Araraume cannot be wished away by a wave of the hand and this is his time. Whatever decision he takes today is welcomed by me, his entire structure and the entire good people of Imo State and we must commend his sagacity”.

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“Though he left power as a two-time Senator in 2007, his popularity, wealth and political influence has not waned or been whittled down. He can assemble a solid structure from all the 27 LGAs of Imo State within one hour. No politician who left corridors of power can hold his base solid after 10 years of leaving power like Senator Araraume. This is one of the reasons feelers have it that he is a man with enormous capacity and wherewithal to put Imo State together and back to work. His consistency, persistency/ perseverance is next to nothing”.

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“Senator Araraume, like the George Bush of America, the drum major of the American Allied forces, is still expanding the Allied forces’ horizon. Senator Araraume will leave no stone unturned in dealing once and for all with his detractors without making noise before, on or after the showdown. All options legally are on the table to ensure that The good people of Imo State; The Pensioners, the market women, the Douglas Road traders, the Ekeukwu, New Market traders, Mechanics, widows, unemployed youths, the sacked workers, the humiliated Imo Keke Operators, the humiliated Imo electorates are made to regain their dignity and pride in a State Dee Mbakwe built and kept. He will ensure that the Njemanze prestigious Royal Dynasty and all others are restored legally. He will ensure that all laws of the land are obeyed and people’s properties are returned back to them. Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Araraume is not a push over. You cannot wave him off. He is capable of causing a big political upset against anyone”.

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“Araraume rebels no one, he is a man who believes, obeys and adheres solely to agreement, a true democrat who believes in equity, justice, rule of law and due-process. Senator Ifeanyi Araraume is a man you will love to associate with. Put affluence and power aside, Araraume is a renowned gentleman who possesses a will, capacity and democratic acumen”.

“It is no longer news, he has witnessed the highest political gang-up in the history of Imo State and Nigerian politics, but looking around him, he is one politician who has consistently created political leaders and representatives in every political dispensation without being selfish about it. There’s no political family in Imo State today that doesn’t have two or three people who passed through his political institutions and are very successful. He accommodates criticism to know where and when to make necessary corrections. He never responded to/ or bullied his critics at any time. This is what a leader should be”.

“It is no longer news that the Distinguished Senator has rekindled his desire to start work as the Chief Executive at Imo State Douglas House come 2019, X-raying the actions that has trailed his day-to-day activities in the state and at the Federal level, you will agree with me that Senator Araraume has expressed “desire”, consistency, capacity, Clout, doggedness and above all, sportsmanship which are the characteristics of a good leader”.

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“The senator is different from majority of the political class who do not have a second address after politics. As a successful entrepreneur and business man, he established a flourishing business empire providing jobs to many irrespective of tribal and religious differences. He is the Chairman of Exclusive Stores, Harmony Properties Limited, Climax Insurance Brokers, Exclusive Shipping lines among other businesses. At present, the complex for his two new industries in Owerri meant to strengthen the state economy and provide jobs for the residents are at advanced stages of completion. A branch of the ultra modern Exclusive Stores and Bakery in Owerri is in the offing. He is the man with the requisite knowledge, experience, goodwill, organogram, blueprint, contact, connection, capacity and coordination to reposition Imo State and put her back to work and in the part of rapid development”.

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“Look around him and tell me what you see; he is a man of class, quality and originality. It will interest you to know that the title Ugwumba was meritoriously conferred on him in the year 1988, based on his contributions in the development of many communities in Okigwe Zone as a private individual, years before he even thought of politics. He was barely 31years then”.

“Araraume inherited Exclusive stores as a mini shot from his aged mother immediately after his Secondary school and developed it into the biggest Mall in Benin, as at 80s, he was already a millionaire if not a billionaire. Whatever he touches comes alive and no business, no office and no project ever failed under his watch. This is exactly why it is imperative we give him our maximum support this time to retrieve, revive and rebuild Imo State. He who the cap fits should wear it”.



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