‘Unhappy marriage not enough for a divorce-UK supreme court


The UK Supreme court has ruled that a 68-year-old woman, Tini Owens must remain married to her 80-year-old husband, Hugh Owen as unhappiness in marriage is not sufficient reason to seek a divorce.

Five judges at the UK’s highest court unanimously upheld rulings by a family court and the court of appeal that the two must stay married at least until 2020.


Mrs Owens had filed for divorce three years ago. A move which was contested by her husband, even up to the Supreme Court, which ruled in his favour.

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The couple have been married for 40 years, have two grown-up children and enjoyed a successful business and extremely well-off lifestyle, reports Sun UK.


Dutch-born Tini was 28 when she married 40-year-old Hugh in the late Seventies.

Tini will have another chance to quit her marriage in two years time, on the grounds of having lived separately for five years.


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