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Saraki and Co, free to leave APC, says Abdullahi Adamu

by OtownGist

Former Senate Majority Leader, Abdullahi Adamu has again weighed in on the crisis in the ruling All Progressives Congress APC saying those who are supporting the splinter group, Reformed APC are free to leave the party.

Adamu who spoke Friday shortly after he paid a courtesy call on the National Chairman of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole specifically called out the Senate President, Bukola Saraki as being one of the sponsors of the R-APC.

‎”I told you here that the so called nPDP is fake. I told you that. I told you these are people who have got felonies that they are hiding and want to use their positions in the party and National Assembly as a facade, as a veil to hide from the felonies they have committed and the whole thing they are fighting is not so much service to Nigeria but service to their interests and I did tell you that they are just staying in the APC to cause maximum possible damage.

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I have been proven right. I told you all the noise about wanting to stay and work for the family of the APC but they are just trying to create the kind of impression that in APC they had no deal, nobody in the old PDP that became the new PDP and went into the accord with the PDP in 2013, nobody stood beneficiary of that, more than the current Senate President, Bukola Saraki. He has benefited more than any single new PDP person and he seems to be the arrow head of this resistance now or betrayal of the party that elected him to the National Assembly.

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I thank God I have lived to witness what I said come to pass. It is left for you now to follow up to know who was telling the truth or lying. They did not deserve the attention they wanted because it was not founded on realism, it was not founded on truth, loyalty or patriotism to the country.

The truth is, if Saraki and the rest of them, leaders, today in the national assembly genuinely feel aggrieved and genuinely want to go out, let them go out. You don’t push pawns. Nobody who knows the game of chess, wins only by moving pawns, you have got to move the major actors, the kings, the knights, the bishops but these ones have got feet of clay. Unfortunately they don’t threaten anybody here and as far as I am concerned, we don’t see them as reformed APCs, I think they are rejects.

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Why do I say so, we are witnesses to the fact that we held a national convention. We started from the unit level, that is where the ballot boxes are, to wards, local governments, zonal to national level and we had a convention. There was no snide statement from anybody. Three weeks after convention we are hearing some riff-raffs saying that they have formed something called rAPC. You don’t just wake up and form a party or coalition.

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What is happening is that those their principals who are in the national assembly do not want to risk making a declaration so that they do not lose their seats and so they want to justify that there is a split in the APC. That is what they are trying to do. No more, no less. In my place, they say before you see a monkey, the monkey has already seen you because it stays on the tree top.

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“I think without being immodest, I have seen enough Nigerian politics thus far and from what we have seen so far, the indication is that we are dealing with 419ners. None of them will stand up to say, oh I was a Senator, I was in the House of Representatives or I was this. How many of them can go to their constituency and say or do what they are doing in Abuja? I don’t call them Abuja politicians because they don’t deserve that, they are just 419ners.

“What is happening today? From the day this Senate was inaugurated, that very day the current president of the senate went into an illicit accord.

“Nobody who is democrat will welcome what we are witnessing. The fact of the matter is out of selfish ambition, out of the desire to promote self instead of the nation, instead of service we got ourselves in this, whereby somebody who was contesting for senate presidency found a way of going into an illicit alliance, an accord with an opposing party, betraying the party that elected him there and didn’t say he has left the party; used the alliance he had with the PDP as it has been and from that the day, the government which is supposed to be an APC government, the national assembly became an opposition party. That is a misfortune”, he stated.


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