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#BleedingHeart: He wants to meet my ‘dead parents’

by OtownGist

Good day Mr. Hardy
Thank you for initiating this Bleeding Heart Programme. You will not know how many lives you are about to be saving because it is obvious that almost all of have one thing or the other bordering us.
I am a young girl with all those beautiful dreams, and despite how hard I have worked to make it in life, the greatest things I have received have come from men.
Because of my body, it is easy for men to beg to do anything for and in most cases I have given in because it is the only way I can survive.
Back in my university days, I had a boyfriend and most weekends I will travel and come back with goodies, telling him they had come from my parents, but the truth is I have been lying to him.
Many times he tried to speak with them and I managed to doge that for two years before we left school and three years after school, he wants and to marry me and the next thing is for him to meet my parents, whom I told him were teachers.
The truth is that my mum died first when I was 8 and my dad joined her 3 years later. My uncle who took me was maltreating and after secondary school, I left his house to be on my own.
I never told Ekene my sad story, despite the love I have for him. I really want to marry him, but I am afraid he will feel like he doesn’t know me anymore and I don’t want to lose him.
What will I do?

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Dear Chika
Your situation is really serious and I must tell you that it is like having the ocean and a lion on both sides of your exit doors. The lion will surely eat you, but the ocean could either drown or wash you alive to the shore.
The ocean is telling him the truth and letting him know who you really are. I cannot guarantee he will stay, but before then you have to tell yourself the truth that you have changed and you are no longer into sleeping with men to gain favour.
Marriage is a more serious affair and if Ekene is really the best friend you have ever had, there is 30% chance he might listen to you and stay, but if he isn’t, the man for you, let him go and pray the right person will come around.
You have to tell him and don’t even think of remaining in lies because the next negative impact on you will be a tsunami. It could come in the middle of your marriage or maybe few days or weeks to it in a way that it will shatter your entire being.
Pray and pray then stay away from that silly sin. There is a reason he wants to marry you, if he will stay, he will stay, but I bet you, it will never be easy for anyone to know that the woman he wants to marry has been cheating on him for 5 good years.

I’ll stop here and let other comment
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Have a lovely weekend.


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