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Two Nigerian were beaten up by the public for alleged rash driving in Tirupur in India on Thursday.

A video of the two men being made to kneel down on the road, while the mob takes turns hitting them, has now gone viral according to the new indian express.
However, no formal complaint has been registered regarding the incident.

The two Nigerians had come to Tirupur from Erode for business. On Thursday, while they were headed back to Erode on a two-wheeler, they hit another two-wheeler on the Vijayamangalam-Tirupur Road.

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A father-daughter duo had been riding on the other vehicle. Soon after the incident, a few passers-by chased the men and caught up with at Uthukuli.

There they were made to kneel down on the road while a mob surrounded them and questioned about the accident. A video of the incident that has now gone viral clearly shows the two men apologising repeatedly with their arms up in the air.


However, the men surrounding them continue to kick and beat up the Nigerians. The two were brought to the police, but when they explained that they had only tried to apologise but were misunderstood by the public, they were let go.

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