APC LGA Party Chairmen calls Gov. Okorocha liar, after missing car gift


As the dust raised by Monday’s car gift to a section of the Local Government Area, LGA party Chairmen of the All Progressive Congress, APC, by the Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is yet to rest, the excluded chairmen have opened up at last by accusing the leader of the party in the State as a liar whose claim against them should be disregard.

Okorocha on Monday, through his Chief of Staff, Chief Uche Nwosu doled out 11 Sienna vehicles to a fraction of the LGA Chairmen while leaving out 16 of them known as the G16. There was a mild drama in Government House, Owerri when the Governor summarily walked out of 16 of the TC Chairmen out of the meeting for allegedly getting involved in a parley with a party Chieftain, Senator Araraume.


Later, news filtered in that the action of the governor may not be unconnected to a latter allegation from him accusing the Chairmen of getting involved in a purported oath-taking exercise. The frosty relationship has lingered till date as the Governor perfected strategies to remove the G16 members from their positions and replacing them with his cronies. The latest is the denial of Sienna vehicles the Governor made to his Rescue Mission-compliant LGA Chairmen and imposed subordinates to preside over the affairs of few of the LGAs.

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But in an interview, the G16 accused the governor of lying against them. The group’s leader and chairman of Oguta LGA APC, Hon Casmir Ohamara disclosed that they were denied of the car gifts because of the accusation from the Governor of taking oath because of a paltry sum of N30, 000 at the resident of Senator Araraume at Isiala Mbano.


Ohamara who disclosed that it was a lie from pit of hell and designed as blackmail to dent their image and that of the two-time Senator of Okigwe zone because they may not be in support of governor’s design and wrong practices in the party ahead 2019 election.


According to him “the accusation remains a lie, a very cheap one. A cheap blackmail to ridicule Araraume and those he feels are not in his good book of now”.

Speaking further, the G16 leader who have been facing hard times from government sponsored agents challenging his authority as chairman of the party in the LGA stated that time has gone when one man controls Imo APC and runs it like a private property. He explained that in 2015, the governor had his way, but now, things have changed for better in APC.

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The Oguta LGA party chairman predicted downfall of those incharge of Rescue Mission maintaining that they will meet their waterloo in 2019 by noting that Imo people cannot be deceived forever.

On the ear gifts which eluded them, Ohamara opined that the G16 members are unperturbed as it only remains a Greek gift that is coming when the election is near. “Though, personally, such vehicles are not my choice cars for private or public use”

He further submitted that the Governor wanted them to come and apologize and say sorry for something that never took place but all members of the G16 blatantly refused to succumb to such. “Okorocha is not a person you can rely on. He can disappoint you at any time and lie against you so that people will believe him”, the G16 member stated.


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