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The Broken Woman: At Crossroads; By Blossom Obi | @BlossomObi3

by OtownGist

In the hope to follow in the footsteps of someone else we lose track of who we are and what we’re meant to be. You were born to do great things. Greatness is in your D.N.A.

Surrendering to his will, like a dry leaf kissing its branches goodbye as it drops to the ground, my voice would no more muscle any more words as I just stared at him with my body laid back on the bed covered with white sheets, to do what he wanted and leave me alone.

My adventurous spirit had kick started at an early stage of thirteen with an older friend Anita, who incited every of my whims. She was a foreigner from Ghana and was very open minded and experienced in a lot of things, with an air of style and class that made some people want to get close to her. I wasn’t an exception. All her feminine physique were already formed while others at her age struggled to make progress, she was light-skinned and one of the happening girls in school. It was an increase in one’s reputation to be seen hanging out with her.

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Skipping classes was not far from her habits and dragging me along wasn’t had for her. That was how I met one of her friends Fela. He was also older, dark skinned, tall a bit broad chested which made him match for what most girls would call their speck.


Anytime Anita and I went to his residence at The Blue Guest House along Gemade Estate known for their exquisite houses and infrastructure, she would abandon me at the bar while they both went up into his room, I wasn’t disturbed and I wouldn’t even care less, it was not the first time.

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“Put extra clothes in your bag” said Anita, as she watched me prepare for school because she was ready and decided to come pick me up. My parents had no dislike towards her, maybe they did and didn’t show it because she was a foreigner. I mean she got unnecessary discount when she wanted to buy things, people would just see her and start waving, she was her own little celebrity in our world.



“Why? Where are we going?” I asked, going through my wardrobe.

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“A party, we’re going to a party “.

“Party? What sought of party goes on during school hours” I thought to myself but didn’t voice out any of them because part of me trusted her. She was my friend.

Stopping at Mama Risi’s restaurant to eat, was not strange because we not just ate there but also made there our changing room, anytime we skipped classes. We ate to our satisfaction and then we moved on, jumping on a bike. I overheard Anita describe the place to the bike man, it sounded like the location of where Fela stayed. “Maybe the party was at his house at least he was crazy enough to hold parties at this time, I concluded”.

This time we went upstairs to his room, which was very unusual. He welcomed us saying “make yourself comfortable”, as he unnecessarily drew close to me. I quickly reached for the chair that was close to a mini Fridge opposite the television and sat down. Fela got some drinks from the fridge and then reached for the television remote switching to turn on a music channel.

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Few minutes Anita decided she wanted to buy something with a promise that she wont be long. I insisted on going with her, but she won. As she was leaving she took the keys of the door and locked us in. I didn’t know about it until Fela stood up and grabbed me as I screamed and ran to the door which was locked from the outside.

“Anita” I muttered as the reality in the room dawned on me.
“Yes Anita wants you to feel like a woman, I promise I’ll be gentle, you’ll enjoy it”, he said grinning. Falling down to my knees I begged and screamed, he joined me to scream laughing “no one can hear you” he said.

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He was much bigger and stronger than I was, throwing me to the bed as I tried to fight him off. With one hand he held my both hands, spread my legs apart, kneeling on each thigh as he searched for where to thrust because I kept struggling as I silently prayed for God’s intervention. He wasn’t progressing, so he started hitting me, until I gave up having. He tried this time with no resistance and still couldn’t find it, he became more infuriated than he was which made him hit me all the more, calling me all sort of names. Bending he looked at my insides, decided to try again but still nothing, it was like a wall. He then pushed me out of his bed raining insults on me.

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Picking up his phone he called Anita to come and open the door. I wore what was left of my clothes and as Anita opened the door, I slapped her before she say anything and pushed her out of my way as I ran down the stairs. She followed me into the road apologizing and begging that she was sorry. Not quite long Fela joined her on the road also begging and pleading for my forgiveness.


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