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By Austin Chikwado
It is becoming very worrisome the level of political endorsements the son-in-law to Governor Rochas Okorocha and Chief of Staff, Government House Owerri, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu is receiving abracabraic endorsements when the electoral umpire has not lifted ban on political activities.
Even though election globally is not won by how many endorsements an aspirant ganner, but one wonders why Chief Uche Nwosu is disturbing the state with barrage of frivolous endorsements when his office as Chief of Staff has not ceased functioning.
It is no doubt that the level to which Chief Uche Nwosu’s desperation to cling the number one position in the state is going has opened the eyes of good and helpless people of the state to know that there is MUCH money in the Government House.
Like my learned friend, Chima said that endorsement is endorsement but not when it is coming from crayfish sellers, cocoa yam dealers, or mortuary attendance in a political matter where every Dick or Harry is expected to be mindful of his or her utterances.
A situation where Chief Uche Nwosu is spending money though not part of the bailout fund to gather road side youths, motor park touts and mad people on the street of Owerri in a secluded hotel with an already written endorsement script on his behalf calls for serious concern.
As election is not won on the internet (social media) as people think, so as election, especially that of Imo State is not, never and cannot be won by the number of endorsement one gathers. So funny enough for Chief Uche Nwosu!
Just as information filtered round the state few days ago that some present or ex-militants, Fisher men and marijuana smokers from one of the oil producing LGAs in the state endoreed him for Governor, but I am worried that since this distractions from Bro Uche started, Governor Okorocha has not cautioned him as he has been doing to others, perhaps because Bro Uche is his son in law in whom he is well pleased.
My question remains that if Bro Uche Nwosu could receive endorsement from militants or drug smokers, one would speedily assume the position of Imo State when he finally but GOD FORBID becomes the “Govano” of Nkwerre State, sorry “Imo Skirt” in 2019. I think, your quess is as good as mine.
Say no to drug smokers as Governors, say no to militants as Governors, say no to looters as Governors, say no to greedy people as Governors and continue to say no to pompous people as Governors of our dear state. Protect your destiny, protect our lives!
…Akpuo La Gi Biko?
Mr Austin Chikwado writes from Owerri.


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