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The Broken Woman: Sickened By Blossom Obi | @BlossomObi3

by OtownGist

He placed his hands to my back, sliding it down, as he bent to whisper;
“I know you have no underwear, I’ve examined you”

It was a bit challenging not to act how I was feeling, I couldn’t anyways because it could mean an extra year in school so I had to calm down and play my cards right. I acted as if I was interested in his game and that was when he pulled me close for a kiss.

On kissing his old and experienced lips, he let out a sigh releasing his grip on me. I saw it, the toilet and didn’t think much as I ran in, closing the door behind me. I threw my weight on the door to keep it shut as both the lock and bolt were bad and my heart beat up and down like a tiding sea.

“You can’t hide from me you’re in my toilet and in my office” he said with a chukle.


“There’s enough time. When you’re tired you come out, let’s finish what we started”, he said with a musculine humour and while I was sweating on my intestine, the bitter taste of fear floaded my taste buds and through my troat.

It was crazy as I didn’t know what to do about the situation. I let tears draw a pathetic line down my left cheek, even when they can’t solve anything. I silently prayed for a miracle, yet finding a way out seemed impossible.

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I found myself roaming in school because I was not informed my departmental meeting had been postponed. Wondered why the President could take such decision without consulting the Secretary, I roamed looking for other people like me only to find some younger colleagues who needed help with some calculations; something I’m good at and couldn’t say no.


That was when I saw Mr Ike who didn’t not hesitate to beckon on me. As he asked what brought me in school because it was weekend, I took the abundant time to explain as we walked to his office.

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He closed and locked the door after me; and I felt a little bit uneasy sensing the oddness of the scene. I chose the better judgement but as always, humans seems to take the other routes.

Fear ran through my spine as he told me how he would ensure he became my project supervisor and what I stood to gain, if I he could have his way on me He was certain he was having me that day.

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“There’s no two ways about it because you’re hiding in my toilet. Time doesn’t change anything, when you’re tired you’ll come out and offer yourself to me”. He chuckled.

That was when his wife called him. “She was coming to pick him up” I guessed from their conversation because i have seen that happening previously. As my hope grew high, I overheard him convince her that he would join someone else and she gave in. It just smashed my little hope of getting away.

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As his tapping feet got closer to the door, I stood upright and firm, holdimg my breath. As if he was reading my mind, he pushed the door; his force ccould have seen me fly away, but thanks to the wall that was close. One leg on the wall, the other and my body on the door, I was safe. He stopped on hearing his name, it was the man who he was joining to go home.

As i heard him jam the door, I soaked myself in faith, believing he had gone out. With the speed of my life, I grabbed my bag and ran.

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Ray of Hope

We often feel there’s no need to be hopeful because of the happenings in our lives, forgetting that, we are stronger than what ever comes to pull us down.

We must have hope even when things are not all rosy and sunshine, we must believe that we will scale through because we’re made of so much more than we think or understand.

You’re are the warrior and only you are your defining factor.

Blossom Obi writes from Owerri, Imo State. For comments and responses, reach her viaobiblossom8@gmail.com


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