Imolites raise alarm, as Fuel now sells for N170 per liter


Petrol marketers in Imo State have taken advantage of the temporary nationwide fuel scarcity to increase the pump price of their products.

A survey around many Fuel Stations in the state has it that most of them are selling at the average of N170 per liter while the lowests are selling at N150 per litter against the approved N145.


This has so far led to the increase in transportation fare in the state and if nothing is done, it will surely skyrocket with Christmas drawing near.

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People are already complaining, urging appropriate authorities to take drastic measures that will put the marketers in check.


Already, the total ban on Keke(tricycles) is already causing immense hardship for Imolites and even when privately owned buses and taxis have stepped in to ease the frustration, more is still needed to be done especially on the area of street to street transportation in Owerri town.

The total ban on Keke has already increased the number of drops people take to work and while some will have to make it up with trekking, others will have to live with the added cost and high transportation far as a result increase in fuel pump price.

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