Imo AGN Election Live Updates: Nneoma Ukpabi wins at IICC. Rapour Hotel resuls loads


While others are praying for a peaceful elections at the Imo State Chapter of Actors Guild of Nigeria, it seems it will never be possible again as it is obvious that two chairmen will be emerging at the at end of the day.

At the moment, accreditation is going on at Imo International Convention Center, with the hope that election will be taking place here.


It’s obvious that those at IICC have only Nneoma Ukpabi as chairmanship aspirant while it is alleged that two others are at Rapour Hotel where we will still bring you report from.

Raapour Hotels Updates: (12:29pm) As at this point the hall is filled up to the brim and it is obvious that all veterans are on the side of Conac Umez and his faction.


More than 300 members are alread6 seated and the presence of the likes of, Tony Chukwu, Big Dady (Elleged to have stepped down for Nneoma Ukpabi) is so obvious here as most of the old members could be spotted here.

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12:42pm: At rapour hotels, reading of manifestos has commenced in the hall which will be considered as super packed. The condition here is too hash as the air conditioners are not working. Meanwhile, every disappointment will be considered a blessing as that small hall wouldn’t have accommodated the entire members of the guild in the state.



#AGN IMO FACTS: people like Mopol, Ogali Best who were previously detained in police station during the previous fracas, are now against Conac Umez again. AGN in Imo in the last two Yeats have always had factions and after making peace recently, they will bounce back to the same page of factions.

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12:56pm: Reading of manifestos commences at IICC and Tom Njemanze arrives at the venue. Address the crowd and said he is not aware of the other election.

He said he will call Conac Umez to inform him of his disappointment that a veteran like him was not duly informed of a change of venue from their usual venue to somewhere else.


1:18 – IICC: Nneoma Ukpabi slaus the manifesto with a wonderful speach.

The action will soon kick off.



1:32pm Election result so far at IICC

Chief whip


Uchenna Madumere aka Uche best – Unopposed

PRO. Ogali Emenike Unopposed.


Nneoma Ukpabi has emerged chairman of the faction that held election at IICC in as she was unopposed.

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We will bring you details of other winners.

Speaking, Nneoma Ukpabi said, “The reason why you elected us will not be in vain. We will not disappoint you”


She acknowledged those who lost out and those who won, stating that AGN is an organized structure and alongside her exco, they will put hands together to restructure and reposition AGN in Imo State

Full list of winners.

1. ChairChairman – Nneoma Ukpabi – 157 votes

Vice Chairman – Chikodi Nwafor F – 100 votes (Winner)

Jude Orji – 65 votes


3. Secretary – Kenneth Peters – 77 votes (winner)

4. Asst. Secretary – Ken Anoruo 73 votes

5. DGS – Angelo De Tadi – 128 votes

P.R.O – Ogali Emenike – 97 votes

Chief Whip – Uche Madumere – 99 votes