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Letter to the heard: love those traditions

by OtownGist

By Faithful Faith
Nigeria as a country has more than 250 ethnic groups some of this groups has similar culture or traditions while some are direct opposite of themselves. Although, in time pass there are traditions that had been abolished due to the brutality associated with them. The killing of twins was one of those. Sincerely, there are still some funny traditions, that are repulsive, but the happy truth is that the numbers of those adhering to such traditions are reducing by the day.

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There are numerous tradition connected to African culture which Nigeria is not exempted, although some of this traditions are hardly remembered as a result of huge western influence. While some are still with us and its purposes are still beneficial, if only we can LOVE those traditions. Meanwhile there are also positive western influences which all of us are benefitting from including myself.  Presently, Nigeria has been divided into six geographical zones. In each of this zone some have similar traditions, but the worse thing anyone can do is to condemn the tradition of any who is not from his or her geographical location. We have to respect people’s tradition or even culture especially if they are not harmful or out rightly bad.

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There are some tradition and culture that add spicy to life. Or better still some that add value and dignity to individual that adhere to them.  For instance, a tradition that forbids a young unmarried woman not to stay with or move in with a man who have not honored her by marriage, is such tradition not worth loving and sticking to? Of course we all know is such a honor for a lady to be married properly. What of a tradition that wouldn’t allow a man to take paternity of a child if he has not paid a dowry on a woman or do the necessary marriage rite which signifies a sense of responsibility. As for me, I think those are beautiful traditions that we have to love.

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Now, I can only speak of my own tradition within my geographical area. So I want my readers to think of those beautiful old traditions within your zone which you know has added values and dignity to the ones adhering to them. Still talking about tradition that add value to our lives, this should be the ones we should love and inculcate them in our children. A typical African tradition has high values for morals. Take an example from the southeast Nigeria, before now; it is consider an eye sore for an unmarried lady to become pregnant while still leaving with her parent. The scourge and embarrassment are too humiliating. Also there are things viewed as an abomination in some region of the country. In a particular state in south Nigeria, it is consider an abomination for a parent to see the corpse of their child. No matter the circumstances the corpse will be taken away from the view of the parent. This tradition especially the latter one saves the parent the agony of seeing the dead body of their beloved child, thereby reducing the heart break and pain of such a youthful exit.

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What about the tradition that encourages the communal up bring of a child.  Everyone shares in the molding of the child. No hiding place for misbehaving, or waywardness. For me, this is one tradition I give my warm embrace. The lists of good old traditions are numerous, so we should continue to love those good old traditions that we have and that will continue to add value to our lives, and despise the negative ones.

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