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AMA Awards: Hon. Iruno speaks on MC Banana Mouth, Prince Rowland and N60m allegation

by OtownGist

With the aftermath of the failed AMA Awards by the Africa Modeling Ambassadors’ Awards being so high, the Senior Special Assistant to Imo State Governor on Entertainment and Public Affairs, Hon, Chukwunonye Iruno has spoken out against the news making round the town that the President of the brand, Prince Chukwu Roland Ogbonnaya had defrauded Imo State Government of 60 million Naira.

In a statement made available to www.otowngist.com, Hon. Iruno said the Imo State Government did not give anyone money and so there was no way anyone could have defrauded them against what was posted online by Mr. Starz of otownmp3.

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“Let me emphasize that Rowland Chukwu didn’t in any way defraud and could not have defrauded the state, let alone collect N60 million, as copiously alleged by Otownmp3 and his conspirators. My office worked assiduously to ensure that all those who bought tickets got back their money, to prevent any scandal. We were driven by the patriotic conviction that, the event would showcase the talents of our home artistes, to these brand ambassadors and their organizations. The organizers rather spent their money and we did our own cautious domestic publicity as agreed by government”

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He further described the drive by MC Banana Mouth for his removal and the misleading posts against the Africa Modeling Ambassadors Awards as ‘infantile antics’, adding that that Africa Modeling Ambassadors, and Miss Africa Modeling Ambassadors Beauty Pageant, are duly registered brands with the Corporate Affairs Commission and Copyright Commission respectively and there was nothing fake or fraudulent with the proposed program.

The dynamic Master of Ceremony, further pointed out that “the discontinuity or withdrawal of government from the program stemmed from aggressive threats for legal actions against the event by some celebrities, particularly Basket Mouth and Kate Henshaw, who claimed the Owners/Organizers didn’t secure their consent before using their images, a mere oversight or mistake they would have ignored but for the perceived incitement they might have got from the Organizers of the Africa Movie Academy Awards, who wished and fought that the event should not hold, because of their phonia for the success of this brand”.

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He condemned the wrong manner with which MC Banana Mouth was pursuing his ambitions, saying “Where then lies the place of all the unwarranted name calling and bogus allegations by Banana Mouth and his miserable traducers, if not for personal aggrandizement and external manipulation laced with very wishful inordinate ambition?”

Meanwhile, having been suspended from the Government House Committee on entertainment for gross misconduct, MC Banana mouth has joined a long list of people who have condemned the post by Mr. Starz of otownmp3 which stated that Prince Rowland made away with 60 million Naira from the failed AMA Awards as well as other issues that have since been described as falsehood.

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Mr. Starz has however apologized for his actions, adding that it was just a whatsapp post that was never written with the intensions of causing any harm.
“I wish to state here that the news update which I posted in our bloggers forum Whatsapp group(Imo State Bloggers Ass) was not originated by me but a summary of the information EXTRACT from other Whatsapp group mentioned above during the argument/discussion that took place in the group. Even the #60m I mention was the total sum of the monies from the itemized expenses as posted by some of the group members during the argument/discussion that took place on the Whatsapp group.

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I want to reaffirm that no one induced my actions with money or words and everything happened in a way I never expected it to.
To set the record straight, I never made the update public it was only published in our Whatsapp group, whoever that made it public is not to my knowledge.

However I sincerely apologise to SSA TO GOVERNOR ON ENTERTAINMENT, Rowland and others mentioned in that post for whatever embarrassment it may have caused them. I know my post has been taken too serious, but it was meant to be something that would be shared among my Whatsapp group members.

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I hope this apology will settle dust and make us move ahead towards achieving a better industry for everyone.”


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