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Heartbreak: Two lesbians fight dirty in Owerri

by OtownGist

There was breach of peace at the high brow area of Ikenegbu Owerri the Capital of Imo State last Wednesday when two lesbians striped themselves naked while fighting.
Narrating the cause of their fight after a large crowd had separated them, one of the lesbians alleged that the other lady was her wife whom she was living with, but she had quit their ‘marriage’ and is now engaged to a man who had already paid her bride price.

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When asked why she didn’t pay the bride price before now, she replied, “it is not possible for a woman to pay the bride price of her fellow woman, but she is still my wife. I kept her in my house and feed her” In the same vein, the ‘wife’ called her ‘husband’ a  liar and a harlot, stating that it was not possible for a woman to marry a fellow woman. She stated that they were just friends living together till she got engaged to a man.
She further described her friend as an enemy of progress who wants to snatch her fiancee.
The federal government of Nigeria it can be recalled has banned same sex marriage, stipulating 15 years jail term for  offenders.


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