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KozyG on ‘Quit Notice’, weeks after last single ‘Takes it’ | @KozyG

by OtownGist

Singer, KozyG is set for a marathon single release just weeks after releasing his last single titled ‘Take It’. Speaking to news men, the Ebonyi State born singer revealed that he has not really done things the way they should be because he had to attend to some family issues last year and early this year. He then made it clear his silence does not mean he was finished but a necessary respect he had to accord his parents whom he lost late last year.

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“I didn’t choose the silence, but things just happened and right now, I am here to make noise just the way it should be. I had many songs that I already recorded and if nothing had happened to my parents, the songs would have been out by now. I need to push them out and then move to the next level in my career.


My fans and lovers of good music deserve to get back everything I have failed to give them and that is how it will be”, he said.

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The new single titled ‘Quit Notice according to the singer will be released on Saturday September 10, 2016 and the singer described the song as a different direction in what he has been doing.

“I once told a story with ‘One Naira’ and other songs, but this one is different. It’s an outcry to the politicians who have been misusing our funds and filling our ears with fake promises. Not that I’m in support of some vices young people get involved in, but the imbalance these politicians create with the money they loot, will also make young people want to do anything possible to get their own money.

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“They will snatch your girlfriend with their money, they will take your land with their money and in most cases graduates end up at home with nothing. How do you want people to survive? Let’s give then Quit Notice”, he concluded.


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