3 car thieves burnt alive in imo


Three members of a five man gang of robbers who specialize in robbing people of their vehicles and killing them, recently, met their waterloo in Ngor-Okpala Council Area of the State after they were roasted alive by enraged Youths of Amala, a border town in the Council Area of the state who apprehended them after they robbed a man of his sienna bus in the area.


The gang which shot their victim and pushed him out of the moving vehicle along the Okpala-Amala Igurieta, expressway were alleged to have hired the driver of the sienna from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in the guise that they were travelling to Imo State for a contract job.

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Sources in the area have it that the robbers had agreed to pay the driver a fee of N5O.OOO following-which they deposited four thousand naira with the promise to offset the balance when they collect money from their client.

It was gathered that when they got to Aba a member of the gang joined them in  the vehicle even as another stationed at Okpala who pretended to be a guide also joined and pointed in the direction leading to the road where they robbed and shot the driver.

We were was informed that when the bus got to lonely stretch on the ever lonely road one of the hoodlums begged the driver to stop so that he can urinate but no sooner he finished than he turned and pointed a gun at the driver, shot him and sped off with his car.
Luck however, ran out on them as a cyclist from Amala and a pastor he was carrying from Okpala to Amala who witnessed the robbery incident quickly alerted people in Amala of the robbery prompting a quick mobilization and barricading of the road which halted the movement of the fleeing robbers     and led to their apprehension after they were smoked out-from the forest where they ran into in a bid to escape.

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It was reliably gathered that soon after they were apprehended a police team arrived from Ngor-Okpala Divisional police Office, Umuneke and attempted to rescue the robbers but were vehemently resisted by the mob which sternly warned them to leave or face dire consequences.

Defeated the policemen reportedly left paving the way for the unleashing of jungle justice on the robbers allegedly from Ngwa in Abia State who indigenes of communities in the Okpala Court Area of Ngor-Okpala said rob and kill victims lured to the area on regular basis.

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