Imo civil servants cry out over salary deduction


Civil servants in Imo State have cried out after receiving their January salary with thirty percent deduction.


With the lamentation, one of the Civil servants who said “they have paid us our January salary in March with over thirty percent deduction from it. If I tell you the meager amount they wrote on my cheque you will pity me”. What they wrote for me will not even be enough to take care of the loan I took for my feeding since they have not paid us since this year talk of taking care of my other needs”.

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The visibly embittered civil servant disclosed how he has been feeding from hand to mouth owing to the salary drought and other unfair treatment meted out to them by their employers.

According to him, it was a crying session at the venue where they queued to take the slashed salary in cheques. He disclosed that civil servants in the Local Government Area, LGA, on grade level 8 whose salaries are about N47,000 – N49,0000 were paid between N27,0000 to N29,000.

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On why they did not reject the cheques, the enraged civil servant explained that their state of financial helplessness and their employers resolve not to shift ground made them to reluctantly take the cheques else hunger will feast on them the more.


Source: Okeomanews