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Youth time-out with Imo Deputy Governor!

by OtownGist

“Make I yan?” the deafening re-echoing sound of “YAN!” chorusing an already electrified atmosphere. They all wanted to have a piece of him. Comfortable he was amongst his own energetic class, still boiling with charisma and strength, they could see the future in him, and he sees same in them. The symbiosis of a relationship between the Imo state youths and the enigmatic Imo state Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, revealed so much more than the youth who came calling expected, like one exclaimed: “nna eh! Ama ghi na Deputy anyi wukwa guy man”, indicating the youthfulness of a man whose humility has become a household trademark for both friends and foes.

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It was a day a consortium of youth groups in Imo state clearly had an appreciative view of a heart that speaks volumes. Many things may have been said against or in favor of the Imo state Deputy Governor, but the 21st of January 2016, afforded first–hand, a much needed proximity for all the youth groups in Imo state to have their sincere say, not hear say, on His Excellency, Prince Eze Madumere. It gave them a clear picture of the substance that make up “our Deputy”, like they called him on that day. Like we always say, the taste of Madumere is in the eating; just an encounter would change every politically engineered negative perception about him.
Prince Eze Madumere, is never given to archaic administration of leadership. Blending experiences of the “past” to achieve “present” day results for a more sustainable “future”! A future, much said to belong to today’s youths, which to a large extent is the vehicle that keeps conveying the efforts of the Imo state Deputy Governor. Like a treasure best hidden inside the heart, Madumere holds dear to him the Imo youths, bringing out an amazing youthfulness in him, which in turn ignites a necessary working zeal that inspires leadership productivity,  especially in a seemingly challenging situation, little wonder he has become the toast of Imolites and a great delight to his boss, the Executive Governor of Imo state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

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Even as the youth groups converged to identify with Prince Eze Madumere, they least expected him to return an understanding, reasoning or thoughts. He appreciated their challenges, and promised to play his traditional role to helping them achieve their dreams for the year 2016, of which, in accordance with the promise of his boss the Governor, His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha, to ensure a politically vibrant youth..

The youth appreciated the content of their host, who didn’t fail to use the platform to correct some propagated wrong impressions about Governance of the State. Equally using himself as an example, while he encouraged the Imo state youth to be patient with life. Madumere didn’t just appear from nowhere but gradually climbed the ladder of life’s challenges to become one of the greats of Africa! An admonition that sank in, as cheers and choruses began to rent the air again, this time it was shouts of THE YOUTH GENERAL!!!


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