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Afro Pop singer KozyG, writes fans open letter | @kozyg

by OtownGist

My Esteemed fans,

To have all of you believing in me is a bIg honour and I am always happy to be recognized by you as well as letting me touch your lives and that of others in Nigeria and beyond.

Putting smiles on your faces through these years have been my greatest achievements and for any part of my life, I will never regret doing what I am doing for all of you.


Though 2015 was not a good year for me and my siblings as we lost our parents just in a space of two months, we still have to move on with it.

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Losing both parents inflicted a big wound in my heart as it tore my heart apart and it hasn’t really been easy so far but in everything we give God all the glory.


At a time I had  to stand up; dust myself up; picked up my pieces and said to myself that I have to move on and 2016 is going to be bigger and better for me, my family and all of us.

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I have something juicy in stock for us this year and it will surely make you dust all your dancing shoes as well as take you to the side of good music once again. This will be different, bigger and better than everything you have been getting from me.

Your support has inspired me a lot and I will always be determined to dish out good music for the sake of your happiness. I know I have the best fans and I will never do anything to let you down.

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I want to sincerely appreciate your support because it earned me an award last year. That award is for all of you, because there will be no me without you.

Thank you for your prayers, may the good Lord continue to guide all of us as we journey through this year of success called 2016.

I wish you all a wonderful 2016.

Moses Onyedikachi Izuchukwu (KozyG)
Twitter; @KozyG
Facebook: kozyGfanpage


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