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When Uche Ogbuagu played against a better team

by OtownGist

One would start to wonder why I spend a good amount of my time talking about the activities of Hon. Uche Ogbuagu, a former Chief Comedian/clown of Government House under the present government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. It is not about hatred or joblessness, but I believe he is just setting a bad example and precedence for the youths of Imo State and Nigeria in general by playing the present foul politics of today which allows for a campaign and character assassination to any other opponent.

In my last article on the subject titled ‘Uche Ogbuagu’s Ka Opuo: A Heroic or Clownish achievement?’ I looked into the morals behind the recent album released by the comedian turned politician as well as why most people regard him as a hero who said what no one could say.
Because of anger and how disgusting the contents of the CD was, I found it difficult to get a copy for myself, but thanks to my neighbor in the office, I had to listen to it six times every day until now that she has gotten tired of playing the CD as predicted in my publication.
I have always said it that those who do not want to kick the ball should not enter the football pitch because if you don’t kick the ball, you will be hit by the ball kicked by others. That is just one of the terms and conditions that go with playing any game. Once you are in the game, you must be ready for contacts and collisions.
Now that Hon. Uche Ogbuagu who is also a Transformation Agenda of Nigeria [TAN] Coordinator has released the Ka O Puo CD, which was expected to do the magic as his 2011 edition did on the then discredited ex-Gov. Ikedi Ohakim, is it not enough to welcome him into the game?
It is more than enough and as we welcome Hon. Ogbuagu into the game of politics, let me take time to let him know what he is about to face.
Hon. Ogbuagu should take time and watch NTA to see the kind of adverts sponsored by agents of President Goodluck Jonathan against General Mohammadu Buhari, where disgusting things have been said about the former head of state who is vying for the office of the president in the forthcoming election.
Can he also take time and listen to his own Ka O Puo project as well as play the tape of everything he has said in the various campaign rallies he had the opportunity to do so. All of them were against someone and if I may ask, “has those people he has been speaking against complained?” No way!
Hon. Ogbuagu forgot that when you work for a TV or radio station, every recording or production you put up in their name at the time you are working there belongs to them and they have the right to air it every now and then without further reference to you. As long as it is not an advertorial.
Has he forgotten the good old days when he would go on air and rubbish the same PDP he is working for today? He should also remember that if those recordings are still available, the station still has the right to air them again and again because it is their own.
Just imagine a case where Hon. Ogbuagu is discussing business with a PDP chieftain and Orient FM decides to play one of his old programme where he was talking against the same man he was sitting with in the present. Can the PDP chieftain understand?
Maybe the interest at hand would make him understand, but what will happen to Hon. Ogbuagu when there would be no need for a campaign jingle bell or an attack dog since no one campaigns after the election.
I saw an advertorial on an Imo State based local newspaper, Announcer Express, where a certain law firm threatened Orient FM to produce the receipt of payment for a jingle they are playing in the name of Hon. Ogbuagu.
The advertorial which is on page 13 of Monday, February 16, 2015 edition of the newspaper was published by Chief Umunna Nwaorgu & Co., a law firm which had no official address on its letter head paper.
Aside the many suicidal grammatical errors on the advertorial which could be part of the plan of whoever placed the advert, the law firm went on to say “Our client after listening to the said jingle, identified same as his production and that he never sponsored same for the Rescue Mission Government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha but instead your co-operation [SIC]  who did not pay for [the] said jingle is using same illegally against our client which amounts to stealing.
“Our client lamented that this jingle your cooperation [SIC] is attributing to him is now a source of embarrassment to him and members of his family”
With what his so called lawyer, Chief Umunna Nwaorgu has written, he has shamed Hon. Ogbuagu by saying that a jingle aired in one radio station is causing him and members of his family embarrassment when thousands of the CD he recently released against another person has sold around the country, even beyond the reach of the waves of Orient FM could be more devastating.
Someone needs to compose a welcome song for Hon. Ogbuagu making ‘He who kills by the sword, shall die by the sword’ as the chorus.
It will be so unfair to say that he met his match on this one because just like every wise man would do, he will borrow one of the most frequent quotes we used as kids “Silence is the best answer to a fool” and just like an Izuogu man would say ‘Nkwucha a buro ujo’ [Taking a step backwards to observe does not mean fear], it is becoming obvious that most of the dogs barking in Imo State are now toothless.
He has played against a better team who replied him with his own voice in the way he would never say someone said a thing against him. Uche Ogbuagu is speaking against Uche Ogbuagu and Uche Ugbuagu is complaining and bulls.
He is simply fighting his ghosts on this one and the earlier he calms down to understand that the game can no longer be won by newspaper advertorials or counter jingles, the better for him.
So far, he has set a bad example for entertainers in Imo State and I want us to look back to 2011 and ask ourselves where the entertainers who participated in the campaigns are. They are no more. So at what point did the rain start beating us?
Hon. Ogbuagu might still have a bit of his comedy wand left for him to enchant a fair crowd into laughter, but if he keeps playing this game, a time will come when only his party members or those who have never come so close to him will be craving for his jokes.
Go back to the days of laughter junction now!


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