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Imo state govt and Abia counterpart reach a truce over boundary dispute

by OtownGist

A historic truce was achieved yesterday between Imo State Government and her Abia counterpater over the boundary skirmishes between Ekeoba Autonomous community of Ihitte-Uboma local government area of Imo State and Ekeoba Autonomous community of Abia State.
The truce and peace accord was initiated by the Chairman of Imo State Boundary Commission and the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere.

From the testimonies of the Transition Committee Chairman of Ihitte-Uboma, the Traditional rulers led by EzeOkafor and collaborating that of their Abia Counterparts led by Eze Nnamdi Ofoegbu, it was observed that the dispute dated back to betweenn 1952 and 1958 till date.
Prince Eze Madumere who insisted the scene of the clash and the disputed boundary requested the visit to his Abia counterpart, Chief EmekaAnanaba who preferred to also come to the disputed parcel of land.  After a close door meeting, the two who are the Chief Boundary Officers of their differing States agreed to embrace peace. He also averred that he with his Abia counterpart had agreed that National Boundary Commission will come into the matte to settle it once and for all. He therefore called on the disputants to sheath their swords as they are brothers and sisters since they inter marry and do a whole lot in common.
Speaking earlier, Abia Deputy who agreed that the skirmishes are not unconnected to whatever value each of the disputants would have attached to the land. He said the land in dispute could have been arbitrarily demarcated relying on natural boundaries.
He however regretted not to have worked with his Imo counterpart in their effort to establish a police post at the boundary so as to secure lives and property before the entrants of the National Boundary Commission.
He observed that since the construction of the bridge that directly linked the two warring communities, miscreants have been taken undue advantage to cause all sorts crime in both Abia and Imo State. He therefore called on the two parties based on the agreement reached with Imo Deputy Governor to disperse and not to take laws into their hands.
He further expressed positivity to work with his counterpart, Prince Eze Madumere to explore the option of a peaceful path by allowing the relevant agencies come in for its resolution. It was unanimously agreed that the matter will be best called up immediately after elections so as to pursue it with big our and resolve the matter for peace to rain.
Speaking at the event, the number two citizen of Imo State stated that it was not in dispute that there is an established fact that the land is question is in dispute.
Meanwhile, Imo Deputy Governor who met the people of Umudibia and Umuoma, addressed them and commended them for towing the path of peace. He lamented the impatience of people who willingly take laws into their hands when there are laid down laws through which disputes that are boundary and land related could be resolved.
Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu, the Speaker of Imo House of Assembly also called for caution and calm since the communities in question are one. He averred that his affiliation with Umuahia as his home makes him feel even more constrained as to what to do. He therefore warned against people taking laws into their hands.


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