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Frustrated cancer patient takes to street for assistance

by OtownGist

Imo Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) powered by the Government of Imo State, and charged with rehabilitating the homeless, poorest of the poor and the physically, mentally and socially challenged has regrettably become helpless and highly incapacitated in the discharge of their duties.
The Humanitarian and Charity Organisation with a former Commissioner under Governor Achike Udenwa, Barr. Ngozi Njoku as Chairperson has proven for the umpteenth time that it lacks the necessary structure, disposition and capacity to attend to the myriads of social problems associated with the needy and ill in the society.

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This stems from the fact that cases of disability or those maimed, physically and mentally challenged and the disabled are rather prevalent in every corner, nooks and crannies of the state. The truth is that Imo Foundation has not successfully executed any of its self inflicted injuries or responsibilities which it appropriated on behalf of Imo State Government to discharge to the benefit of social miscreant and the sick all of who are roaming the streets of Owerri. For instance a cancer patient who is resident in Imo state where he hawks, sewn tarpaulin car covers, along Wetheral and Douglas roads Owerri have since approached them hoping that they have something to offer in terms of medical care or treatment. Each time he visits Imo Foundation and presents his case of a cancer of the jaw, the authorities of Imo Foundation led by Dr. Ngozi Njoku will in turn refer him to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri, where another Amazon, Dr. (Mrs.) Uwakwem is Medical Director. After several visits, appeals and entreaties, he felt frustrated, realizing that the two organizations can hardly offer anyone free lunch irrespective of their disposition to rehabilitating the sick and informed. As a result, he looked elsewhere, presently, the jaw cancer ridden patient, Okafor requires about #300,000 to undergo an operation, in a private clinic but both the Imo Foundation, Imo State government and other affiliates have demonstrated crass inability or helplessness to assist in raising funds to enable him undertake the medical flight. Under his critically ill and danger list situation, the patient narrated the ordeal he has undergone in the hands of Dr. Ngozi Njoku and Imo Foundation to Community Watchdog. His situation is so dangerous that the diagnosing medical expert gave him only three (3) months to live after which he runs the very high risk of losing his life in the event the jaw cancer was not operated upon or carefully handled.
Distressed by his gory tales and position on the danger list, Community Watchdog hereby calls on public spirited individual and those who possess the human milk of kindness to call for donations to raise a total sum of #400,000 to enable Mr. Okafor to undergo the cancer operation. In line with this appeal, a new Bank Account with account name; Ezeh Okafor and Account No. 0061519467, Diamond Bank PLC. We appeal for the intervention of the public so that together we can save a soul to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ who posited that the water you offered to the thirsty, you offered to him and the clothes you gave to the nude, you clothed him or the roof you provide the homeless, you did all to him.
For further enquiries on the need to donate for charity towards the cancer operation of Mr. Ezeh Okafor please contact: Okafor – 080034379989, 08077571244. No amount would be too small or too much!


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