De Oceans will surely win the grammy one day – Minista De Oceans


The last time we saw something from De Oceans was in April, when they dropped that monster hit “Hero” which featured Imo state Star Hip hop act Achara Man.
Since then, they went a little bit mute and according to Minista De Oceans one half of the group that used to be a trio but now duo, the group faced lots of misunderstanding and challenges which caused the group a member.
From what I gathered, they duo is back and better and ready to drop another hit.
Below are excerps from an interactive session between Minista De Oceans and Chijioke Gist of SweetNaijaMedia.

How do you see the present day music industry?
Minista: So far so good, the scene is very competitive, lots of innovations and especially from the eastern part of the country where I am coming from, I believe we are taking over mehn.
What are your expectations in the next 2 years?
Minista: Want to see De Oceans soar high, I know there will be more transformation and in a nut shell, very much bigger than today.
Now let’s talk about your past, present and what you have for us in future
Minista: It has been very challenging, lots of hurdles, we nearly disintegrated but glory be to God we now have a redefined De Oceans, gallant and now ready to hit you real hard. Just watch out.
You said redefined De Oceans?
Minista: Yes!! We used to be three but we are now two, stronger and better.
Wao! When are we expecting something new from you guys?
Well! Let’s look at something less than two weeks, promising a different thing entirely and this time the best you have ever heard.
That sounds interesting! What’s the title going to be like?
Back to sender
I said “Back to sender”!!!
Is that the name of your the new Job?
Yes! The title is Back to Sender and it’s a dance hall song!
Why back to sender?
Minista: Well! It’s just the way the inspiration came and nothing more.
What do you tell the fans out there?
It has not been easy at all but with you guys out there, De Oceans will surely win the Grammy one day…we love you all.
Now you guys have heard it all from the horses’ mouth, let’s all watch out for Back to Sender by De Oceans.
Bye for now

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