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Assassination of Prince Noel: Group calls for Prosecution of Sir Jude Ejiogu

by OtownGist

A group formed by various Youth and Civil Society Organizations in Imo State, under the aegis of, Noel: Bring the killers to justice coalition, has formerly petitioned the Chairman of the National Human rights Commission over the delay in prosecuting those arrested and paraded suspects, to the assassination of Prince Noel, the Chief of Staff, too.

In a petition titled “Request to bring Sir Jude Ejiogu to appear before the court over the murder of Prince Noel Onuegbu” addressed to the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Abuja but copied to the Inspector General of Police, Director-General SSS, His Excellency, Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Orluzurumee Youth Assembly, Ideato Nation Convention and the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), the Chairman of Noel: Bring the killers to justice coalition said that it has been established that, Prince Noel Tochukwu Onuegbu had indeed followed Sir Jude Ejiogu in his entourage and retired at his house till midnight of the very day he was killed.
Upon confirming this information, the coalition confronted the Chief of Staff, Sir Jude Ejiogu to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of his culpability in the murder or assassination of Noel Tochukwu Onuegbu.
It was at this juncture that Sir Jude Ejiogu invited members of the coalition to his office where the following conversations ensued.
Coalition: Sir we were told you have hands in Prince Noel Tochukwu Onuegbu’s death. Not even because of the publications made by various media houses which up till date, you never refuted but from our independent investigations.
Sir Ejiogu: That is not true. Prince Noel is known to me as a matter of fact, he is one of my boys. I wanted to assign to him to do certain social media job for this Government which was why I invited him.
Coalition: We were equally told he was in your house the night to his death?
Sir Ejiogu: [Reluctantly] yes. He was here till mid night before I asked my boys to take him to his hotel room at Rapour Hotel Owerri.
Coalition: Which of your boys led them to the hotel?
Sir Ejiogu: My Press Secretary.
Coalition: Can we see your press secretary Sir?
Sir Ejiogu: he is not around.
Coalition: How can we see him?
Sir Ejiogu: may be some other time.
Upon meeting and accosting the Press Secretary on the way out of Government House, he surprisingly acknowledged leading the people who took Prince Noel Tochukwu Onuegbu to the hotel but insisted that the deceased had alighted along the road before getting to Rapour Hotels, Amakohia Owerri. When persuaded to disclose exactly at what point and time between Government House and Rapour Hotel, Amakohia they dropped off Prince Noel Tochukwu Onuegbu at midnight and for whatever reasons, the Chief Press Secretary to Sir Jude Ejiogu, declined and refused to talk despite all entreaties, walking out on the coalition, instead.
The coalition also stated that the said Chief Press Secretary has since then shunned all subsequent invitations and enquiries about all he knows of the gruesome, untimely and sponsored assassination of Prince Noel Tochukwu Onuegbu.
It was against the backdrop of the earlier revelations that the coalition reasons that Sir Jude Ejiogu as the number one suspect; must be prosecuted and urges the National Human Rights Commission to ensure that this is done by compelling the police to do just that.
The coalition further reasoned that the none prosecution of the likes of Sir Jude Ejiogu has emboldened the evil doers and perpetrators of the assassination of Prince Noel Tochukwu Onuegbu, to embark on the same evil rampage when they stormed Dr. Harold Wilson Onumo’s house recently and mistook his younger brother, Dr. Kelechi Onumo for him and pumped hot leads from their smoking guns and only left when they thought the victim had died.
That was not all, the hired assassins also shot Dr. Harold Wilson Onumo’s wife on the leg after slashing her head into two with a knife, collecting their Android phones and vehicles to make it work like armed robbery.
Previously in the state and to show that there is no security of life and property, other youths have often been killed. They included two aides to the former Deputy Governor of Imo State, Sir Jude Agbaso one aide to the incumbent Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Ben Uwajumogu and others slaughtered by members of the Imo Security Network. It is as a result of this serial killings that the Coalition; bring killers of Noel to justice, urged the Inspector-General of Police to urgently provide Imo Youths security before they are wiped out.

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