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What my girl friend told me, why I might leave her soon

by OtownGist

If this article is published, just know that I am grateful for getting the opportunity to share this great burden with people.
I am a young man and for the sake of security my name  will be ‘I’ or ‘Ai’. I am fairly popular among my folks and I also believe that I have done enough to be known amongst people I have and will never come in contact with. The summary is that I am a fair celebrity.

This has nothing to do with the story, but has everything to with it because by being a fair celebrity, it was difficult for me to choose a girlfriend but it was easy for me to get a girl; a call, sms, or even a ping could get one around  my bed if I desire so. Such are privileges of being a celebrity, aren’t they?
For a while I have been this guy for any girl that wants me, I never went for any girl because each time I try to have a serious relationship, something bad happens, we always break up and  so far it has never been my fault.
Somehow, I feel like I am the fruit every girl must eat to have the knowledge of good and evil because for every girl I date, I teach them good and evil and just like God, I let them choose and they always choose to live without me. And at times some come back for advice. Imagine advising your ex on how to be happy with the new guy. My life was mostly boring and damped with sadness.
One said that she is uncomfortable with me because I know too much about women and she would find it difficult to please me. But the truth is I never wanted anyone to please me, I just wanted someone that will be there for me, treat me like her king because I’m sure her crown is always up her head from day one.
Recently I met this girl and was cool with her for the fact that she has little or no interest about who I was; she accepted to be my girlfriend and right now I wish I could get her tally, I’ve lost counts of other people that said yes to me before her. This is no bragging, just to say I’m tired of chyking.
I call her thrice a day on the least, makes sure she is the last person I speak to before God in prayers as I lay my head to sleep.
I still got gifts as my accounts could carry and I fought to make it work because I’m just tired of asking girls out.
We are sweet hearts but when I asked why she never says ‘I love’; send me sms on purpose aside when I beg for it, she said thus “At times, when you show a guy how much you love him, he thinks you are desperate”
Should I tell her that I want to marry her before she will understand that I am not like other guys?
With my little celebrity status, I have others calling me to know how I am doing, but my own girlfriend never does that. I receive text messages and private messages everyday from others and at times misread those names as hers, just to manage I smile. The truth is I love this girl so much.
How can people who never said they love you show it while people that claimed to do so will never show it? Maybe the teams should change sides.
I have discussed this issue with her severally and will not do it again. The moment I stop talking about us, is the moment I will stop caring about us and perhaps, I will scrub my dusty shell and shrink into it.
Whichever decision I take, one thing I do not have is time and one thing I don’t want to do again is spend my time with a girl who just wants to cook for a popular guy.
I have something in mind, but what do you think because this is actually eating me up.

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Your Friend, ‘Ai’



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