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Charly Boy or Charles Oputa: Is Oputa gone forever?

by OtownGist

As a boy in the time of Obasanjo as the president, I had little interest in Nigerian politics and general current affair; Network News was not really for me because most of the times I was out with my friends when our soldiers and politicians shared their thoughts and deeds via the newscasters.
Having had little interest in showbiz then, I knew too well there was man called Charly Boy; but never knew he was an Oputa until the birth of Human Right Violation Investigation Commission [aka Oputa Panel] which was headed by his father, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa.

To me, the man Justice Chukwudifu Oputa never existed until that time because I have never heard a single thing about him earlier. This confession would be so unfair to the celebrated lawyer but will also show how ignorant I was about things happening in Nigeria as at that time.
Don’t even try to crucify me or judge my credibility in writing on this subject, I didn’t care because they never cared. I meant the politicians and the military, they were just out to loot and all we do was read outrageous figures on headlines. Yes, headlines, because we never had time to read the rest of the story; only sports and entertainment news seemed to be what they were.
Oputa Panel seemed to be another show making us aware of crimes they could do anything about, same thing with the then Charly Boy’s show, which also showed us things we could never do a thing about.
Both programmes entertained us, but most importantly, they were perfect distractions for Nigerians.
Justice Chukwudifu Oputa may have been a great man in his chosen field, the fact that he is now dead means the name ‘Oputa’ might be on its way out in the political power house of Nigeria.
Charly Boy might be the ‘Area Ftaher’ we call him, influential and fearless, but he is not an Oputa because while he was alive, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa disowned Charly Boy, saying his son is Charles Oputa. So far, I can’t remember having heard of a Nigerian named Charles Oputa making impact in any sector of this country or any other country of the world.
Recent events during the burial the late justice, saw many Nigerians call Charly Boy their hero just because he snubbed Imo State governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha on two occasions including the international embarrassment at the funeral service where he stopped the governor from speaking.
For those calling the ‘Area Father’ their hero, wait a minute!!! Is he not the same man you said that he has a weird appearance, doing weird things all the time? This is that same grandfather all of you crucified for carrying python to public places; the same man whom accusation of ill morals have been leveled against and the same man we all crucified for posing in a coffin and wearing rings and pendants of skulls and other scary objects.
I guess he has changed.
I once wrote that Nigerians have the lowest IQ in the whole world because we are easily distracted. The only country where sane people cheer a criminal; calling him the best man to salvage the country from corruption. Just laugh out loud; we are really very funny in this country.
Sun Newspaper reported that Imo State Government voted N20 million for the burial of late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, who did they give the money to? Just keep the answer.
We also read that a certain son of the late justice walked out of the lying in state ceremony in Owerri. Who is that son? Keep the answer again.
Another son of this great man, stopped a governor from speaking at the funeral service, even when the Bishop pleaded with him; who is that son?
Which Oputa would receive N20 Millions from you, walk out on you and stop you from speaking at the funeral, none but the showman himself, Charles aka Charly Boy and I am very sure Justice Chukwudifu Oputa would bet with his life that no Oputa would act in such manner.
Even when he warned the governor, to stay away from his father’s burial, why did he receive their assistance?
This is just showbiz, we use every available opportunity to be on headline, I guess Justice Oputa wpuld be glad to see all these happening.
Again the Secretary of the Government of the Federation, Chief Anyim Pius Anyim also goofed by speaking before the governor, having known that the President he was representing should be the last speaker.
Ndi Igbo killing Ndi Igbo.
He put the fatherly role he should have played at the event  behind to be a politician having known that what is politically right in Nigeria is mostly morally wrong.
It is politically right in Nigeria to embarrass an opponent with every opportunity and yet, wrong to embarrass a fellow man, not to talk of when he is the executive governor of the state.
What if the same was done to the representative of the president, people would simple say it is an APC issue, but now it is better the fowl founds the corpse of the dog, because if otherwise, people would say the dog killed the fowl.
My concern is the name ‘Oputa’ because we are now singing it like Nigerian music. Will it be evergreen? If yes, who will water it?
There are jobs for men and there are chores for boys. I did not mean to be rude, but one day jokers will be jokes in Nigeria, I strongly believe so.
Charly Boy is not just a boy, he is a chief, he is a grandfather and now he must walk in the big shoes his father has left behind; oh I forgot he said he is greater than his father. No comment on that.
He has always used the concept of ‘the uglier, the better’ to stay relevant in the entertainment industry, but this is one thing Justice Oputa would never be proud of, if anyone could find time to ask him.
Area Father should have known that entertainers and politicians will always be cheered in public functions, be it burial or anything. He goofed again.
Now I pay a special tribute to a great man, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, your legacies will stand the taste of time, but if you can hear me sir, your name might be played like Nigerian music.


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