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Steiner fights global warming with music

by OtownGist

Versatility and creativity crowned with courage are virtues ex-beauty queen, actress cum singer, Steiner has shown so far in her fight for a society that is climate change conscious.
Steiner who did a song titled ‘Tsunami Disaster’ in 2014 to support the effort of the Imo State House of Assembly Committee on Tsunami Disaster, said her passion and drive is to create an environment that is climate change conscious and one where leaders will start taking preventive measures on global warming.

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She is now taking the sensitization to another music level with the release of a fresh single titled ‘Natural Disaster” come 27 June, 2014.
“My decision to release the song is necessitated by the need to advice our leaders to stop talking and start acting and proffer  preventive measures on the issue of global warming so that should natural disasters re-occur in Nigeria, it will not have adverse effects on the populace”
Steiner who has made exploits in the fashion world as well, and is currently practicing her major-Journalism is optimistic that her style of music will make a big difference in an industry where everyone is shifting to dance-hall.
She said she has not come to make people dance and forget their worries, but to make them meditate on the imminent dangers global warming could pose, should any of its swords strike Nigeria again.
“The song is more than music, it is a call to consciousness; a call to save our mother earth and a call for everyone to understand that whatever we fail to take care of today will visit us sometime in future” she said.


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