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No girl made or born of anything can snatch my man – Pixy

by OtownGist

Princess Nwachukwu is a radio presenter with Hot 99.5 FM Owerri, Imo State. She is popularly known for her Reggae Vibes and Evening Showers where her voice entertains and inspires her listeners within the state and its neighbours.
In this interview with CHINEDU HARDY NWADIKE of www.otowngist.com, she runs through the parts of her life that will never be heard on radio. Talking about her personality, temperament, love life and work.



The name
I am Princess Nwachukwu aka Pixy or Her Royal Pixiness

Is Princess a name or a title?
My father is a monarch so I’m a Princess; it is not just a name.

Growing up
As a kid, I had always wanted to be a journalist. I’ve always wanted to be the voice of people who cannot speak for themselves, because I’ve always known there are people like that. These people are not actually dumb, but voiceless.

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Living the dream today
 I don’t think I am there yet, I’m on my way, that’s what I believe.
I feel very happy that I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do; although my mum wanted me to be a doctor but as a person I don’t like hospital and drugs.
I can’t even stand the sight of blood and I wonder how I was going to cope with that as a doctor; maybe when someone comes in bleeding, I’ll run away. (Laughs)
I told my mum I cannot do the doctor thing and she agreed. Parents are always like that, they disagree and when they see they’ll do nothing about it, they’ll agree.

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Growing up as a Princess
There was nothing different about growing up as a Princess. Being a normal kid is about growing up and doing the things you are meant to do as a kid. Growing up for me was normal because I did what other kids would do; but mostly I was cooking.
At times I’d cook with other kids and we’d play mum and dad; I enjoyed that so much.

Who is Pixy?
I’m me, calm and fun to be with. I love cartoons like Penguins of Madagascar. I love Penguins so much and wish I could own one someday.
I don’t really go out that much except on special occasions. I also love cooking.

I started with Adonai World Nursery and Primary School in Edo State where I grew up. I did part of secondary school there but took my WAEC in the east.
I spent some time in Imo State University Owerri, studying Library and Information Science. I left because I wanted to study Mass Communication or International Relations.
Library and Information Science wasn’t working for me even though my Head of Department then wanted me to continue with it.
I moved to International Institute of Journalism where I did my dream course.

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Your Jamaican impression
When people see me, they say wow! How come you don’t have dreadlocks? The truth is, it’s not about the dreadlocks. I like the fact that I don’t keep dreads because it helps me stay away from unnecessary attention.
As a normal girl with weaveon, no one gets to ask me if I have weed in my pocket or anything like it. People with dreadlocks are usually harassed by the police when something happens. They guy on low-cut is usually not interrogated that much like the one on dreads.
The fact that I want to be unique is another reason why I don’t keep dreads.  I don’t have to go about telling people that I speak patwa, it just has to show when there is need for it.

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Has speaking patwa done you good or harm?
It has giving me an edge over other female presenters. They can speak English and pigeon just like me but they can’t speak patwa.
So far, there have been recognitions in reggae events in Port Harcourt and Enugu, but I look forward to more as I move on.

If not presenting?
I’d get a restaurant and cook. I could go into fashion and make up.

Relationship status
I’m seeing someone

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Who is he?
 I cannot reveal his identity which is why it is called my personal life. It is supposed to be personal to me.

What if he reveals himself, would you admit it?
I will admit it, if it is true.

Why don’t you just reveal who he is?
No, it will never come from me.

Maybe you don’t want other girls to snatch your man
Let me tell you, I’m not the kind of girl another person can snatch her man. I’ve got what it takes to keep a man. I’m not bragging.  If I’m seeing someone, no girl made or born of anything can snatch my man from me. Except I say I don’t want him anymore.

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Does that mean no man can dump you?
He cannot because I am fun to be with. Seriously I’m so much fun.

Like E-Berry, would you marry a fellow presenter?
The truth is, if it is divine, why not?
If he loves me and if he has the qualities I want in a man, why not?

Any approach from a presenter so far?
I’m not going to mention names, but there are cases though from outside Owerri.

Relationship with God
It is one thing I don’t play with. I’m a church worker with the drama group in my church and so far I love what I do for God and what He does for me.


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