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Lyrics: O’Lawrence [@makesense4G] – Receive it

by OtownGist

Verse One
 This is my song, I sing to You,
You’re the mighty One, You’re the King of Kings,
My very best, I bring to You,
For You’re the only one I want to praise, [Repeat].

Receive it, Receive it,
all the praises I bring to you, (2X),
Forever More, Forever More, Forever more,
Receive it, Receive it,
All the praises I bring to you,


Verse Two>
For the things you have done for Me lord,
I just want to praise your Name,
Even when all hope was Lost, You where there for Me,
who could show Me This kind of Love that you Showed to Me,
Your The mighty God, the Great Iam I love to Praise your name,
Alpha and Omega, the Prince of peace the Mighty God,
faithful God I am that I am,
You Made the blind to See, You Made the lame to walk,
You gave me victory, that is why I say. Back to

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Chorus then modulation,
Recieve it Recieve it, all the praises I bring to You Forever More.


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