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Discussion: Should entertainers make their relationships public?

by OtownGist

Some entertainers have said that no relationship blogged will ever last. Do you believe that?
Entertainers have been known as people with the worst relationships even when the cause of that is not their making in most cases.

Imagine if what you see everyday online is your partner kissing the ex. Even if they are old pictures, they’ll surely have a great effect and the greatest effect is break up.
An admirer or an ex can use this means to create vacancy or punish the other person as the case may be.
In some other cases a blog can make a list of the people an entertainer dated and post them few days before his/her wedding. This will never be good at all.
The blogger is doing his job, the visitors will be glad to read, but what good has it done to entertainers who have entertained the readers audience unknowingly. 
Many have kept their relationships secrete, waiting to reveal it if it ever takes them to the aisle or if a public break up should ever happen.
The simple questions are thus:
Would you date an entertainer who will never want to expose your identity?
Do you think entertainers should reveal whomever they are in a relationship with to the public.
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