Is this real or comedy grammar from MC Egbeigwe?


mc egbeigwe comedian

Comedian MC Egbeigwe might have succeeded in sending this blackberry broadcast, but the remains of the message which was sent to his BlackBlerry Messenger contacts will either follow him or entertain his fans more.


The Imo State University [IMSU] graduate used the message to announce to his fans that a new movie he featured in has been released and below is the image for your assessment.


egbeigwe bbm bc

If the grammar on the image was written with clear and sound mind, I think governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha should send a review team to IMSU to get refunds from people who are wasting the free tuition he has offered indigenes of the state.

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Although we cannot categorical say that the grammar on the image is the best of MC Egbeigwe, but if it is, ‘wahala de’; else this would be another publicity stunt from the IMSU funny man.


What do you think about this ‘jist’? Go and ‘crab’ your own oh. Lol