Even with x-rated lyrics, I still put God first in my heart – Xbusta


Orlu LGA born rapper Xbusta recently called himself the new face of Valencia after his Valentine day performance at Valencia Lounge Owerri.

 He has been a conspicuous figure in the genre of rap in Imo State, having performed in top events in the state and beyond as well as having his share of some controversies, something common with artistes.


 The self proclaimed freestyle king spoke to Chinedu Hardy Nwadike of www.otowngist.com in this interview to talk about his personality, music and controversies that has kept him relevant in the industry.




 I’m Okafor Golden Chinedu, from a Christian family of five, with two elder brothers, a younger brother and a sister. I’m a final year student of Estate Management in Imo State University Owerri.

 As a rapper and the name Xbusta

 I started rap when I heard some people doing it in my neighborhood. Because they were good, I started loving the whole thing. Listening to stars Nas, Jay Z and others was a lot of inspiration as well. They all made me love rap music and I started doing it.

 The name Xbusta came when I started rapping, one thing in the street is we call rapping ‘busting’, so when my friends saw how good I was in ‘busting’, I was called an exceptional ‘buster’ and that’s Xbusta. The ‘X’ means exceptional. Just like calling me an exceptional rapper.

 First performance in public

It was in secondary school, my seniors took me to their class to entertain them, at first I was nervous, but as I went on rapping, I started enjoying it especially when I realized that they were enjoying what I was doing.

 That performance encouraged me to move on and on.

 Your present form in music

 First of all I’ll say that I have improved. God has uplifted me, but I have not reached my expectation as an artiste yet. For who I have become now, I know I have become a better person.

 The whole thing is all about hard work. Every day I try to improve in what I do, this is because I want to be the best.

 Your expectation

 I want to be an international artiste, known around the globe. That is what I crave for.

 Your X-rated rap and your Christian home

 I’ll say that I entertain people and that’s what I do. Deep in my heart I put God first. I wouldn’t say that my lyrics go in line with the teachings in the church, but that’s just I do, entertain people, putting God first in my heart.

 But out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh

 You know I do this for the money and the fame. Although people are judged by what they say, but this is entertainment, it is quite different here. Most of the things we say on air and on stage does not depict our true selves. For you to know an artiste, you have to be close to him, that is the only way you can know who he really is.

 People should not judge you by your lyrics

 Yes. Artistes are not supposed to be judged by their lyrics. You can only judge him when you take a good look at him. You judge him from what you have observed and not what he says on stage.

 Who are you aside Xbusta?

 Aside the Xbusta that’s a musician, any other Xbusta does not exist. What exists beyond that is Okafor Golden Chinedu, a student of Imo State University studying Estate Management. I become Xbusta when I’m on stage on air.

 But gospel artistes and Rick Ross will prove you wrong.

 Yes I know that and I also know that my lyrics will somehow affect who people see me as, but I’m just telling people not to judge me by my lyrics. Most of the things they hear are just for entertainment.

 The myth of ‘freestyle king’

 I laugh when people say the only thing I know is free style because one thing they don’t know is that I have a song.

 My song will be released on February 27 which happened to be my birthday.

 Those people saying stuffs about me being only the ‘freestyle king’ should feel free to download and listen to it. If they love it, they are free to share with their friends.

 Will that be the end of the legend of the ‘freestyle king’?

 For sure every artiste will one day drop a track; I won’t depend on freestyle feed myself. I do freestyle, but I can write and drop a good song. I don’t want to be seen as on the freestyle king, but a fulltime artiste even at that, the legend of the freestyle king will still live.

 Row between you and LMG

 LMG is a good rapper and I have a lot of respect for him. The street will judge who is better and I can’t say I’m better than him or the other way round.

 Doing a song with LMG

 Yes. I will do a song with him in my album.

 You as the face of Valencia

 Valencia Records is a label that I just signed to last week, and being their first artiste, I have to call myself the face of Valencia Records.


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Details of the record deal

 It’s a good deal for me, but I can’t make the details public.

 Can Valencia Records take you to the top?

 They have what it takes to take me there.

 Who influenced you to sign?

 Nobody influenced my signing for Valencia, I just did it myself. There was an offer and I accepted it so I don’t really see anything there. It is all my decision.

 Your single

 It is just a commercial song titled ‘shomo’, a Yoruba word which means hanging out with girls and catching fun. The chorus is ‘why I no go shomo’

 Will your Christian mum be proud of that?

 (Laughs) I won’t let her hear the song. That’s a joke anyway. But still believe that I will enjoy myself. Hanging out with girls does not mean that I will do anything bad with them.

 I hand out with my female friends and fans too.

 Your birthday celebration

 Nothing big will be happening on 27th, but on 28th which will be the first edition of Star Nite, which is organized by Deejay Saquo, I will perform the song as well as give out copies of my promo CD that day.

 The CD will have two tracks: Shomo featuring Ice Money, produced by Yung Roc and A shot produced by LMG.

 You’re not fighting with LMG

 No I’m not, even though we had a little thing in the past, something I wish not to talk about here. But not we are cool.

 Your family and music

 No one will want his son to be a musician because they all believe that musicians are rascals, but at the end of the day, when they find out you are doing fine, everybody will support you.

 They will support you or they are supporting you

 They found out I am doing well, so they are all solidly behind me like my spinal cord.

 My mum calls me always to encourage me, she tells me ‘well done you’re doing good’

 You and the girls

 I like girls and I don’t know what to say, but I have many girls as my friends. I don’t really do anything stupid with these girls because I know that as a musician, we all have fans and friends as well.

 I still have a girlfriend and I don’t want to talk about her identity here.

 Will she be happy to hear you like girls?

 I’m not gay so I should like girls.

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