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Dawn Tawn: The boy with one jeans, one shoe

by OtownGist

Survival from the slum or streets to the screens has never been an easy task for anyone who has ever embarked on the rough journey. When those who has made it, release the truth in their stories, you hear horrible experiences where people worshiped on screen did just anything they could do to see the light of the next day.

This slum dog life or in most cases studio rat life (for artistes), can only be a motivational story for others when the artistes has left that level for stardom.

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One jeans, one shoe is a story which the title has already told, a story Dawn Tawn did not spare a dime in his rhyme account to tell in a song that can walk and never stumble on any stage where songs are performed.

Listening to a song with a good story line, melody and rhyme has been the desire of music lovers around the country, and Dawn Tawn did not waste time to reveal his inspiration by saying “One jeans, one shoe is the story of most artistes that started with nothing, the story of a young man migrating to the city with nothing but what he left his home with.

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When you find yourself in such situation, you just realize that only God can change your condition because no one wants to help you. Feeding will be difficult and that your ‘one jeans, one shoe’ will be your pride like Joseph’s coat of many colour. No matter how rich you will finally become, you will never forget the coulours of the clothes and shoes you wore during the time of struggle”

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When www.otowngist.com asked further if the song reflects his story, he said “Not actually my story, but somehow my story, I still remember my time with one jeans and one pair shoes, it wasn’t a funny experience, but now the story can sound funny because I have gone past that level”


One jeans, one shoe is Dawn Tawn’s second official single, a song that took him close to a year to finish and the introduction of Yucee Jay defined RAP in the song. (RHYTHM AND POEM).

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He hopes to encourage anyone in such situation with this song, urging them to believe in God, since he is the only that can elevate a man.


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